All models of Hetai Commercial Vehicles 300 series, 500 series and 700 series are equipped with HINO iTRAQ vehicle management system as standard. The 500 series and 700 series have a new driving behavior detection system.

In order to meet the increasingly expanding and diverse fleet management needs of commercial vehicles, Hotai Motors, the general agent of HINO commercial vehicles in Taiwan, will start towing HINO 300 series 8-ton, 500 series 17-ton and 700 series main models in the logistics industry from September 2023. The vehicle is equipped with the HINO iTRAQ vehicle connectivity management system *1 and provides three years of free networking services for newly purchased vehicles. After being launched, it has been well received and affirmed by HINO commercial vehicle customers.

      In order to give back to more HINO car owners, HINO iTRAQ will be expanded to standard equipment on all HINO 300 series, 500 series and 700 series models from March 1, 2024, and will enjoy 3 years of free networking services for new vehicles purchased to help commercial customers effectively reduce business risks, protect driving safety and improve management efficiency.
      In addition, synchronized with the HINO 500 series and 700 series, which are mainly used for long-distance logistics transportation, a new driver monitoring system (DMS) *2 is added to detect driving behaviors such as fatigue, distraction, or failure to fasten seat belts. , can provide automatic alarm reminders to improve driving safety, and is connected in series with HINO iTRAQ. Fleet managers can effectively grasp driving conditions, provide immediate care and follow-up driver management.

 Three major benefits of HINO iTRAQ car management system

      HINO iTRAQ combines CAN-Bus vehicle signals authorized by Hino, uses a variety of information such as vehicle speed, rotation speed, mileage, and diagnostic error codes, and integrates multiple systems such as DMS, tire pressure detection systems, and vision assist systems to utilize advanced Internet of Vehicles technology. , assisting commercial customers achieve intelligent fleet management.

Benefit 1: Business is not interrupted

  • Remote diagnosis: HINO iTRAQ instantly returns DTC diagnosis error codes and divides the error codes into 3 levels according to severity. The most serious level will be pushed on mobile phones to remind customers to return to the factory for repair immediately to avoid the expansion of the fault condition.
  • Intelligent maintenance: Customers can customize the maintenance cycle of each vehicle according to their needs. HINO iTRAQ will automatically remind customers to return to the factory for maintenance based on the vehicle mileage and engine running hours returned in real time; after the maintenance is completed, the service factory will The parts and work items details of this maintenance are sent back, and the system assists the owner in recording and automatically restarts the next maintenance cycle.

Benefit 2: Driving with more peace of mind *3

  • Safety Sense Link: After the PCS early warning protection system and LDWS lane departure warning system equipped on HINO Phase 6 safety vehicles are activated, customers will be notified of possible dangerous driving situations through mobile phone push notifications, and customers can immediately understand the driving situation.
  • Remote tire pressure management: The TPMS tire pressure detection system authorized by the car owner’s after-sales service factory, HINO iTRAQ can remotely read tire pressure and temperature, and can set the tire pressure standard value. If the tire pressure is lower than the standard value, the system will automatically Issue warnings to alert owners to management.
  • DMS: For HINO 500 series and 700 series, HINO iTRAQ can be connected to the DMS alarm function. Employers can immediately understand the driving situation when drivers doze off, yawn, look away from the front, make mobile phone calls, or fail to wear seat belts. , and you can set the items that need to receive DMS alerts on HINO iTRAQ.

Benefit three: high management efficiency

  • E-Coaching: Use five indicators such as speeding, idling, throttle depth, sudden acceleration and deceleration, and economical speed to conduct driving evaluations to help drivers develop fuel-efficient and safe driving habits.
  • GPS-related functions: Utilize vehicle positioning, track playback, electronic fencing and task dispatch functions to help customers digitize daily fleet management operations and reduce complicated paperwork.

      Consumers are cordially invited to inquire at all business locations across Taiwan. If you have iTRAQ-related questions, you can also go to the HINO iTRAQ official website ( or call the HINO iTRAQ Customer Service Center at 0800-256777 (for local calls) ), 03-3280122 (dial from mobile phone).

*1: The actual functions of iTRAQ vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle on which it is installed. Please contact the service factory specialist to understand the actual functions and operation methods before installation. For the operation methods and restrictions of related functions, please read the operation manual/instruction manual.
*2: For the operation methods and restrictions of DMS related functions, please read the operation manual/instruction manual carefully.
*3: Each safety equipment has operating conditions restrictions. For related information, please contact local dealers for relevant instructions in the operation manual/instruction manual. When driving on actual roads, affected by factors such as vehicle speed, road conditions, and weather, drivers must still refer to the detailed contents of the operation manual/instruction manual and be aware of the surrounding conditions at all times while driving to ensure safe driving.

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