Allison Transmission and Team Lynx Win Contract for Next Phases ofU.S. Army’s Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle Program

Allison Transmission, a leading developer and manufacturer of conventional and galvanized vehicle propulsion results for politic wheeled and tracked defense vehicles, will give the Allison eGen ForceTM electric mongrel system for American Rheinmetall Vehicles ’( ARV) Team Lynx prototype. Team Lynx, led by ARV, was lately named for Phases 3 and 4 in theU.S. Army’s Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle competition, now named the XM30 Combat Vehicle program.
Allison Transmission is proud to mate with ARV and all members of Team Lynx — Textron Systems, Raytheon, L3Harris Technologies and Anduril diligence, ” said Dana Pittard, Vice President Defense Programs, Allison Transmission. “ Allison has combined its decades of moxie in both electric mongrel propulsion results and defense vehicles to develop our eGen Force that delivers optimal acceleration and retardation, perfection steering and true machine- off silent mobility, which are critical differentiators for this combat vehicle. ”

The XM30 Combat Vehicle program( formerly OMFV) is the precedence ground modernization five- phased program for theU.S. Army that will replace nearly 3,000 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Only two challengers were awarded contracts for Phases 3 and 4 Detailed Design and Prototype figure and Test. Team Lynx will now complete the designs that began in the Phase 2 Concept Design phase and make prototypes forU.S. Army evaluation beginning in 2026 with final selection and Low- Rate original product to begin in late 2027.

The Allison eGen Force features completely integrated autonomy- enabling drive, steer and retardation systems. The eGen Force benefits from Allison’s further than two decades of electric mongrel system experience as well as its tracked vehicle system knowledge meliorated over seven decades. The advanced propulsion result features a 220- kilowatt electric motor and associated inverter for on- board vehicle power and resemblant electric mongrel operation. Beyond power generation for supplementary system capability development, the propulsion result provides enhanced mobility performance and effectiveness with a significant reduction in energy consumption and reduced thermal and aural autographs.

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