Argonne to Use J.D. Power Data Sets to Better Understand Electric Vehicle Market and Charging Structure

LEMONT, Ill.–( BUSINESS WIRE)– Through a new collaboration formed by a contract between theU.S. Department of Energy’s( DOE) Argonne National Laboratory and J.D. Power, a company concentrated on data analytics and consumer perceptivity, Argonne experimenters will useJ.D. Power’s EV IndexSM, to pierce new electric vehicle( EV) data sets. These data sets will enable precious perceptivity into the fleetly growing request for EVs and an understanding of consumers ’ experience with EV charging structures ( charging stations)
Through the analysis of J.D. Power’s data sets, Argonne experimenters will be suitable to understand motorists ’ interest in EVs, patterns of EV relinquishment, and EV possessors ’ experience with charging stations, including their preferences, operation patterns, and the challenges they may face.

“ Combined with Argonne’s specialized data and analysis, J.D. Power’s data on EV- related consumer geste
will help Argonne and DOE advance the understanding of the current EV stoner and charging geography, ” said Claus Daniel, Argonne’s associate laboratory director for advanced energy technologies. “ This understanding will support decision-making that moves the nation closer to its clean transportation and climate pretensions. ”

As the demand for EVs continues to rise, experimenters and policymakers face the critical task of understanding consumer preferences, walls to relinquishment, and charging guests. This knowledge will help inform the development of more accessible and dependable charging networks, eventually driving the wide relinquishment of EVs.

Argonne is a leader in shadowing and assessing trends and walls to vehicle electrification in theU.S. and force chains that support electrification. Argonne provides crucial EV data and analysis on a broad range of motifs — from EV manufacturing to reductions in gasoline consumption and carbon emigrations – to the DOE.

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