Automotive Edge Computing Consortium Drives Green Mobility Forward with White Paper and Milestone Proof of Concept

The automotive assiduity is witnessing a profound shift towards sustainability and invention, marked by the demand for environmentally conscious practices and decreasingly data- ferocious connected vehicle mobility services. In response to these evolving requirements, the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium( AECC) blazoned the release of its comprehensive white paper,” Connected structure for the consummation of the Green Mobility Society,” and the successful completion of a groundbreaking herbage Mobility evidence of Concept( PoC) by AECC members Toyota, KDDI, and Cisco.
Download the AECC White Paper Connected structure for the consummation of the Green Mobility Society free of charge
Learn further about the AECC Green Mobility PoC by assiduity leaders Toyota, KDDI, and Cisco Wi- Fi Data Offloading and Edge Computing for Greener Mobility Services
” The AECC invites assiduity stakeholders, environmental lawyers, and originators to explore the white paper and PoC and extends an open assignation for collaboration, ” said Ken- ichi Murata, President and Chairperson of the AECC and Fellow at the Software Development Center at Toyota Motor Corporation. “ We invite like- inclined individualities and associations to join AECC in contributing to the evidence- of- conception enterprise aimed at materializing the vision of green mobility. ”

AECC White Paper Revolutionizing client Value with Green Mobility Services

The recently released white paper provides an in- depth disquisition of the conception and description of a green mobility society, pressing crucial inventions to transfigure the future of machine trip gests . It envisions artificial intelligence( AI)- driven stoner gests within this frame, outlining the challenges and characteristics of the connected structure needed to realize this vision.

These inventions include

Concierge Service AI- driven substantiated exchanges with motorists, incorporating real- time data on business, road conditions, and energy status to give route and in- vehicle guidance.
Accident Prevention Support AI identification of road hazards through image data, automatically notifying authorities for prompt repairs.
New Entertainment Space Vehicles transubstantiating into” new living apartments” with large displays. unborn possibilities include a metaverse space combining real- time vehicle data with virtual content for immersive entertainment, from game spaces to virtual relations.
Connected structure for Green Mobility Emphasizing the need for connected structure in realizing a Green Mobility Society, the paper advocates for creating an immersive terrain for druggies indeed when not driving, emphasizing comfort and literalism.
Green Mobility evidence of Concept

The AECC’s Green Mobility PoC,” Wi- Fi Data Offloading and Edge Computing for Greener Mobility Services, ” was conducted in collaboration with AECC members Toyota, KDDI, and Cisco. The PoC focuses on optimizing energy and mobility flows through digital technologies.

Bypre-processing data at roadside installations rather of directly transferring it to the pall, the PoC achieves remarkable results, with a 94 reduction in installation power and cooling. likewise, a further than 50 reduction in total power, including outfit power, demonstrates the viability of the proposed result.

“ The AECC’s PoC explores the challenge of meeting stoner demands for safe, comfortable, and effective transportation. AECC lawyers for constant updates to mobility services through digitalized or software- defined vehicles. To manage the implicit swell in data consumption with this approach, AECC introduces an innovative strategy to balance stoner demands and energy consumption, ” continued Murata.

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