BYD Concludes 2023 with Record 3 Million Annual Deals, Leading Global NEV request

BYD Annual Deals Exceeds 3 Million Units

BYD has concluded 2023 with record- breaking deals volume, which surpasses the 3 million periodic deals target and becomes the global new energy vehicle( NEV) deals champion, for the alternate time in a row. This time also marks BYD being listed among the global top 10 of auto deals for the first time. In the Chinese request, BYD retained its position as the best- dealing auto brand and manufacturer.

December saw deals of 341,043 units, a 45 increase, climaxing in a aggregate of vehicles vended throughout the time, a substantial61.9 swell from the former time.
Leap in Export and Globalization

In 2023, BYD’s transnational request presence surged remarkably, with exports growing by334.2 to 242,765 units and its reach across over 70 countries on six mainlands. With BYD’s technological prowess and commitment to furnishing global consumers with furthereco-friendly and effective mobility results, coupled with the support from global top- league mates, BYD’s technology and products have been favoured by multitudinous global consumers and given a multitude of product recognitions.

expansive Brand Martix with Strong request Response

In 2023, BYD completed its brand matrix, including the Dynasty series, Ocean series, DENZA, FANGCHENGBAO, and YANGWANG. This development solidifies BYD’s position as having one of the most expansive portfolios in the global new energy sector.

Dynasty and Ocean series achieved emotional deals of units, marking a55.3 increase from the former time. DENZA vended 127,840 units in 2023, with the DENZA D9 arising as the periodic MPV deals champion. either, the forthcoming OTA for DENZA N7 is set to showcase BYD’s commanding position in intelligent vehicle technology.

YANGWANG and FANGCHENGBAO, both launched in 2023 and initiated deliveries in November, entered excellent request responses. YANGWANG U8 surfaced as a top dealer in the million- position NEV member, while BAO 5 established a strong base in the off- road member.

From leading China’s NEV request to getting the top global NEV dealer, and now ranking among the top ten in the global automotive assiduity, BYD has showcased the vast eventuality of the new energy sector. With the commitment to using” technological inventions for a better life,” BYD will continue to accelerate the transition towards a greener future and contribute to its vision to” Cool the Earth by 1 °C.”

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