BYD Debuts the DOLPHIN MINI in Chile, Leading the Trend of Green Urban Commuting

BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles, represented by Astara, has achieved a significant milestone in Chile with the launch of the BYD DOLPHIN MINI. Priced competitively at CLP $19,990,000, this model shatters the CLP $20 million price barrier for 100% electric vehicles, offering unparalleled urban driving technology such as six airbags, a 180° rotating infotainment screen, and voice command features.

BYD DOLPHIN MINI Launch in Chile

Cristián Garcés, General Manager of BYD Auto Chile, stated, “The BYD DOLPHIN MINI sets a new standard in Chile, providing advanced technology at an affordable price, enhancing quality of life through the many benefits of electromobility. Following its success in markets like Mexico and Brazil, we’re excited to bring the BYD DOLPHIN MINI to Chile as part of our commitment to making sustainable transportation accessible to all.”

BYD Team at the BYD DOLPHIN MINI Launch in Chile

The BYD DOLPHIN MINI, the brand’s latest offering in its electric car portfolio, comes in two versions: the GL and the GS, with ranges of 300 kilometers and 380 kilometers (NEDC) respectively. The car boasts a rapid acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 13.9 seconds with a 55 kW/74 hp output. Its innovative charging system includes AC Type 2 and DC CCS2 connectors, capable of charging from 30% to 80% in a mere 30 minutes.

Cristián Garcés, General Manager of BYD Auto Chile

Garcés added, “Safety is paramount with the BYD DOLPHIN MINI, featuring six airbags and a suite of advanced driver-assistance systems, including Blind Spot Detection and Automatic Emergency Braking. It’s an urban car that doesn’t compromise on first-class features, designed for an efficient and dynamic driving experience powered by BYD’s latest technology.”

BYD DOLPHIN MINI Launch in Chile

The interior is just as impressive, with a 10.1 – inch rotating infotainment screen compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a wireless smartphone charging system, and both Type A and C USB ports. Drivers will enjoy the responsive control keys and paddle shifters, while the intelligent voice control system responds to simple commands, such as “Hi BYD, turn on the air conditioning,” enhancing the overall driving experience.

The BYD DOLPHIN MINI is available in three colors: yellow, black, and white, all reflecting BYD’s Ocean Aesthetic design philosophy. It features the industry-leading Blade Battery for safety and efficiency, alongside sporty eco-leather seats and a cabin crafted with high-quality materials.

In the future, BYD will continue to enrich its product lineup in the Chilean market, improve the construction of its sales network in Latin America, and promote the electrification transformation of local transportation.

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