BYD Highlights Leadership in Sustainable results at COP28

  • BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer in new energy vehicles( NEVs) and power batteries, showcased its poignant benefactions to sustainable development at the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference( COP28) in Dubai, UAE, held from November 30 to December 12. This time’s conference, themed “ Unite, Act, Deliver ”, keeps fastening on fostering transnational collaboration to address critical climate change challenges.
    On December 8, Michael Shu, Managing Director of BYD Europe, attended the conference and delivered a compelling speech at the China Pavilion’s side event, slipping light on green practices under China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Drawing on BYD’s expansive experience in laboriously contributing to the action, Michael Shu participated perceptivity on fostering sustainable development for new energy technology companies along the Belt and Road. Emphasizing BYD’s integral part in shaping a sustainable future, Michael Shu stated, “ A decade agone
    , in response to the Initiative, BYD embraced an open and cooperative approach, gradationally expanding its presence along the route. Our transformative trip, evolving from global product and technology outreach to leading the shift towards green energy, vividly illustrates our unvarying commitment to cultivating profitable growth and employment in the Belt and Road regions. ” As a harmonious champion of ecological invention, BYD laboriously upholds climate commitments through green results and palpable conduct. In a groundbreaking move last time, BYD came the world’s first automaker to cease combustion machine vehicle product, leading a revolutionary shift in the assiduity. BYD’s unique advantages in the new energy sector were farther demonstrated by establishing the first Zero- Carbon Industrial Campus for a Chinese automotive brand at its global headquarters in Shenzhen. Recognition of BYD’s Zero- Carbon Industrial Campus, SkyRail, and SkyShuttle among Shenzhen’s top ten exemplary low- carbon enterprise at the China Pavilion’s Shenzhen Session on December 5 underscores the company’s leadership in sustainable practices. During COP28, BYD also officially blazoned a collaboration with the Latin American Energy Organization( OLADE), targeting to concertedly drive electric mobility and energy metamorphosis processes across the 27 member countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. This strategic action reaffirmed BYD’s commitment to propelling global green metamorphosis. also, BYD’s full electric products, including BYD HAN, BYD ATTO 3, and pure electric motorcars, handed carbon-free transportation services throughout the conference at Expo City Dubai, aligning with COP28’s zero- carbon transportation pretensions. Looking ahead, BYD remains loyal in its vision to Cool the Earth by 1 °C, continuing to play a vital part as a global leader in new energy vehicles. The company will persist in employing forward- allowing strategies and innovative technologies to lead the global new energy vehicle assiduity, unwavering in its commitment to contributing indeed more to global sustainable profitable development and environmental protection.

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