Canoo Enters a $30 Billion Market with Multiple Commercial Vehicle Sales in Saudi Arabia

Canoo Inc. (NASDAQ:  GOEV), a leading high-tech advanced mobility company,signed a vehicle sales agreement with Jazeera Paints, a pioneering paint manufacturer in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Jazeera Paints will initially purchase 20 Canoo’s electric vehicles (EVs) into its fleet in 2024, with the option to expand up to 180 additional vehicles. This agreement taps into the Saudi Arabian EV market, which commands a total addressable market (TAM) of over $30 billion, and aligns with initiatives within the GCC region to enhance sustainable mobility solutions.  
These vehicles will be one of Canoo’s first international sales exported to Saudi Arabia utilizing Canoo’s recently approved Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) which contributes to lower unit cost and higher margins as announced in Canoo’s press release on March 18, 2024. In addition, these electric commercial delivery vehicles provide Canoo with a first mover advantage in the Saudi market and a competitive position in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. 
Jazeera Paints will be deploying Canoo’s LDV 130 and LDV 190 delivery vehicles within its existing fleet, which operate throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and MENA and support Jazeera Paints’ commitment to the Saudi Green Initiative’s imperative that 30 percent of new car sales in the Kingdom are electric by 2030.  
Canoo’s delivery vehicles are built on a proprietary multi-purpose platform with steer-by-wire technology. Canoo’s software stack allows for end-to-end integration into Jazeera Paints’ workflow and its custom-built shelving eliminates the need for third-party upfitting, thereby reducing downtime for operations.  
“This partnership is a key milestone in our targeted geographic expansion to the KSA region with a large and important fleet that is focused on deploying sustainable technologies across the fast-growing industry it serves. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Abdullah bin Saud Al-Romaih, the CEO of Jazeera Paints, on how we can partner together to deliver on the Crown Prince’s environmental initiatives for the Kingdom’s Vision 2030,” said Tony Aquila, Investor, Executive Chairman, and CEO of Canoo. 
“I am delighted to announce this agreement to purchase electric vehicles from Canoo, which symbolizes Jazeera Paints’ commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly technologies and materials,” said CEO of Jazeera Paints, Abdullah bin Saud Al-Romaih. “Tony and I have been working on this partnership for over a year and are excited about the future possibilities of ways we can work together to achieve our sustainability goals.” 
Looking ahead, this partnership between Canoo and Jazeera Paints represents the beginning of a transformative journey in the realm of electric mobility. Both companies anticipate this alliance will catalyze further innovation and collaboration, paving the way for a more sustainable and technologically advanced future in commercial transportation within the GCC and beyond.

About Canoo

Canoo’s mission is to bring EVs to Everyone. The company has developed breakthrough electric vehicles that are reinventing the automotive landscape with their pioneering technologies, unique design, and business model that spans multiple owners across the full lifecycle of the vehicle. Canoo designed a modular electric platform that is purpose-built to maximize the vehicle interior space and is customizable for all owners in the vehicle lifecycle, to support a wide range of business and consumer applications.

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