CCC Brings AI to Collision Repairers Offering Relief to Shop Labor Shortages

A leading cloud platform powering the P&C insurance and collision repair economy, today announced the introduction of its applied AI to collision repairers, offering relief to a community hit particularly hard by national labor shortages. The new AI-powered solutions integrate into the repair process of CCC ONE® users, automating initial damage assessments and jumpstarting the estimating process. This helps experienced estimators – a shop’s valuable, yet scarce resource – remain focused on the most important tasks.

Repair Cost Predictor uses AI to automate an initial damage assessment, instantly generating a repair cost prediction of damage for consumers, while Mobile Jumpstart uses AI to pre-populate an initial estimate from a user’s mobile phone. Both solutions save an estimator’s precious time by streamlining labor-intensive tasks, as well as delivering intelligent solutions that help create the best possible outcome for everyone involved in the repair process.

“Our estimators are putting in long hours, struggling to keep up with the daily demands placed on our shop,” shared Michael Whittemore, owner of Flagstaff Collision Center in Flagstaff, Arizona. “CCC’s new AI solutions have already made a real difference. Our estimators now have breathing room to focus on what truly matters—delivering exceptional service to our customers. Our customers that have used Repair Cost Predictor love how quickly they can get an idea of how much repairs may cost, empowering them to make informed decisions about what to do next.”

Repair Cost Predictor, a feature of CCC® Engage, applies AI to digital photos of vehicle damage submitted by consumers, generating a predicted range for the cost of repair in seconds. The tool helps inform consumers about the potential extent of damage to their vehicles so they can determine next steps, including if they want to file a claim. It also allows them to schedule an appointment for a detailed estimate with their selected repair facility.

“Our estimators have wanted the ability to start writing estimates from their phone while at the car and Mobile Jumpstart lets them do just that,” Whittemore continued. “AI gets the estimate started and then we can document additional damage right at the car with the customer using CCC ONE Mobile.”

Mobile Jumpstart, a feature of CCC ONE® Estimating IQ, enables technicians to initiate the estimating process right at the vehicle using their smartphones. Advanced AI analyzes vehicle damage photos and pre-populates estimate lines using AI developed with millions of historical data points contained within CCC’s system. It also provides recommendations to repair, replace, or remove and install parts. Mobile Jumpstart empowers repairers to initiate estimates on the spot, sync work seamlessly and harness AI technology for more accurate estimates.

“We’re bringing Repair Cost Predictor and Mobile Jumpstart forward at a time when repairers are being challenged by labor shortages, supply chain disruptions and growing vehicle complexity,” said Mark Fincher, vice president, product management, automotive services at CCC Intelligent Solutions. “These tools will help repairers to meet the evolving demands of the industry, all while delivering exceptional service to consumers.”

Both Repair Cost Predictor and Mobile Jumpstart are available to shops via CCC ONE, CCC’s cloud-based platform that improves every stage and level of the collision repair cycle, including the consumer experience.

Added Fincher: “Repair Cost Predictor streamlines the consumer experience and creates opportunities for new business, all while allowing repair shop staff to focus on core tasks. Mobile Jumpstart enables technicians to initiate estimates on the spot, leveraging AI for more precise estimates and enhancing overall efficiency, benefiting both consumers and repairers.”

CCC introduced its first AI solution for vehicle damage assessment in 2013 and has since developed more than 300 AI models, many of which are applied and widely adopted across a range of solutions.

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