Cenntro Electric Group Announces Delivery of further than 250 Autonomous Driving Delivery Vehicles

NASDAQ CENN)( “ Cenntro ” or “ the Company ”), a leading EV technology company with advanced, request- validated electric marketable vehicles, moment blazoned that it has delivered further than 250 independent delivery vehicles in China to Zelos( Suzhou) TechnologyCo.,Ltd.( “ Zelos ”).
Cenntro’s Zhejiang Cenntro MachineryCo.,Ltd. has manufactured and delivered further than 250 independent driving delivery vehicles to Zelos, which sells and operates independent driving vehicles for civic delivery throughout colorful metropolises in China. In confluence with the cooperation with Zelos, Cenntro has successfully manufactured and handed completely tested independent delivery vehicles for marketable deployments on megacity thoroughfares. Powered by Cenntro’s iChassis technology and platform, exercising independent driving software developed by Zelos, these vehicles are prepared to meet the demands of civic delivery, with the capability to navigate business in real time and arrive to their destinations as listed.

“ The delivery of further than 250 independent driving delivery vehicles is a significant corner for Cenntro. To date, Cenntro has manufactured and delivered numerous independent driving delivery results for real- life marketable deployments in this class, ” said Peter Wang, Chairman and CEO of Cenntro. “ We’ll see further and further independent driving delivery vehicles on the road for the last- afar delivery needs. We’re veritably happy to see that our iChassis technology has been espoused and used in real- life operations. ”

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