Continental and Synopsys give Vehicle Digital Twin Capabilities to Accelerate Software Development

Continental moment blazoned a collaboration with Synopsys to accelerate the development and confirmation of software features and operations for the Software- Defined Vehicle( SDV). This new collaboration integrates Synopsys ’ assiduity- leading virtual prototyping results for virtual Electronic Control Units( vECU) within Continental’s Automotive Edge( CAEdge) pall- grounded development frame. The results are digital binary capabilities for software development that help automakers accelerate software development and speed up their time to vend.
“ The Software- Defined Vehicle requires working on tackle, software, operations, and confirmation in parallel, all while maintaining the loftiest position of quality and safety, ” said Gilles Mabire, CTO at Continental Automotive. “ Synopsys ’ virtual ECUs and vehicle digital binary capabilities enable us to develop and test advanced software results before, so they can be stationed to vehicles briskly. ”

Using virtual surroundings to develop real- world results
The ultramodern SDV promises motorists a slice- edge stoner experience with continuously bettered and enhanced software features. In order to fulfill this demand, auto manufacturers and suppliers calculate on comprehensive tools to pretend the performance of digital features and confirm their comity with being and new auto models. CAEdge provides vehicle manufacturers and their mates with a pall- grounded development terrain for software- ferocious vehicle infrastructures, to develop results in a bit of the time traditionally demanded. Its modular tackle and software platform connects the vehicle to the pall and features a virtual workbench to develop, force and maintain software- ferocious system functions. Within this frame, digital representations of the real- world physical bias, similar as vECUs and the vehicle digital twin, grease the development and confirmation of software results previous to general tackle vacuity.

“ The Software- Defined Vehicle focuses automotive development and invention on the software that offers guests real added- value, ” explains Gilles Mabire. “ By combining our CAEdge frame with Synopsys ’ virtual ECU technologies, we’re directly addressing the vehicle manufacturers’ requirements to accelerate software development and automate software confirmation in a ultramodern pall- grounded terrain. ”

Broad range of abstraction available for vECUs and digital halves
The Synopsys virtual prototyping tools simplify the deployment of individual vECU and vehicle digital halves by combining multiple vECUs with vehicle dynamics, detector and terrain simulations. They support the full range of vECUs abstraction( L1 through L4), mixed abstraction vehicle simulation, and come with the largest library of models developed within an automotive semiconductor and software ecosystem. Together with CAEdge, inventors can profit from the full power of a digital twin in the development channel for the SDV, automating both the software confirmation and delivery process during development and throughout the vehicle’s entire lifecycle.

“ The combination of CAEdge and Synopsys virtual prototyping tools marks a significant step in accelerating the deployment of the Software- Defined Vehicle, ” said Tom De Schutter, VP of Engineering in the Systems Design Group at Synopsys. “ Bringing together Continental’s proven track record in design, software and manufacturing of complex automotive systems at scale with Synopsys ’ proven vECU technologies, we’re expanding and speeding the automotive design process from physical to virtual. ”

Continental at CES 2024
Both CAEdge and the Synopsys vECU technology integration will be part of Continental’s donation at CES 2024. Continental will showcase its rearmost technologies at a private structure exhibition in Central Plaza across from the Las Vegas Convention Center from Tuesday, January 9, 2024 through Friday, January 12, 2024. The technology company has multitudinous results that punctuate mobility inventions, from the road to the pall.

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. innovated in 1871, the technology company offers safe, effective, intelligent and affordable results for vehicles, machines, business and transportation. In 2022, Continental generated deals of€39.4 billion and presently employs around 200,000 people in 57 countries and requests.

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