DAT Truckload Volume Index: June signals that spot rates have hit bottom

  • Truckload freight volumes and spot rates held establishment in June while contract rates fell to their smallest points in nearly two times, according to DAT Freight & Analytics, drivers of the assiduity’s largest online freight business and DAT command data analytics service
    The gap between spot and contract rates was the narrowest since April 2022, ” said Ken Adamo, DAT Chief of Analytics. “ Rates for van and cooled freight increased for the third straight month, and volumes were nearly unchanged from May. These are signs that spot truckload prices have reached the bottom of the current freight cycle. ” The public standard contract rate for dry van freight has not increased for 12 successive months. At$2.58 per afar, the rate was 70 cents lower than a time ago. Volumes held steady in June The DAT Truckload Volume indicator( TVI), an index of loads moved during a given month, dropped hard for van and cooled( “ reefer ”) freight and increased slightly for flatbed loads Van TVI 230, down 1 from May
    Reefer TVI 167, down 3 from May
    Flatbed TVI 267, over 2 from May
    Van, reefer rates bettered On the spot request, the public standard rates for van and reefer freight rose while the flatbed rate declined compared to May Spot van rate$2.08 per afar, up 3 cents, the first increase in five months
    Spot reefer rate$2.47 an afar, up 3 cents
    Spot flatbed rate$2.61 an afar, down 4 cents
    Van line haul rates equalled $1.65 an afar, over 4 cents compared to May, while reefer line haul rates equalled $2.01 an afar, up 5 cents. The flatbed line haul rate dipped 2 cents to $2.10 an afar. Line haul rates abate a quantum equal to an average energy cargo. Lower diesel prices in June pushed energy surcharges to 17-month lows, comprising 43 cents an afar for van freight, 46 cents for reefers, and 51 cents for flatbeds. cargo- to-truck rates reflected seasonal demand cargo- to- truck rates reflect truckload force and demand on the DAT One business The public average van cargo-to-truck rate was2.6, meaning there were2.6 loads for every van posted to the DAT One business last month. The rate was 2.5 in May and 3.9 in June 2022.
    The reefer rate equalled 3.8, over from 3.6 in May and down from 7.0 in June 2022.
    The flatbed rate fell to 9.7, down from 11.7 in May and 37.6 in June 2022.
    “ Demand for truckload services generally slows at this time of time, but this could change snappily given the trouble of strikes in the parcel and less-than-truckload sectors, ” Adamo said. “ Shippers are putting contingency plans in place and would look to freight brokers and carriers on the spot request to keep their line haul operations moving. Demand for exchanges would jump, especially around Louisville, Memphis, Indianapolis, Dallas and other major parcel hubs

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