DRIVE YOUR DREAMS: Successful Conclusion of the 2024 Dongfeng Global Partners Summit (PV Session)

 Dongfeng Motor Corporation gathered over 150 representatives from passenger vehicle overseas distributors, partners, and media from more than 60 countries and regions, convening the 2024 Overseas Partners Conference in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The event comprehensively showcased the company’s strengths, discussed marketing strategies and measures to achieve targets, fostering cooperation in overseas markets. Attendees included executives from Dongfeng Motor Corporation, China Dongfeng Motor Industry Import and Export Corporation, and various departments and guests.

Building Confidence, Sharing New Achievements in Development

At the meeting, Yang Tao, deputy general manager of the International Division of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. and deputy general manager of China Dongfeng Motor Industry Import and Export Co., Ltd., delivered a report entitled “Sharing Opportunities, Seeking Common Development and Win-win Future.” He reviewed the development status of China’s automobile industry in 2023. He put forward Dongfeng’s medium-term business plan, emphasizing the perfect automobile supply chain, long-term technology accumulation, and high-intensity research and development investment for Dongfeng’s “going out” confidence and confidence.

Xiao Xiangming, Director of the DONGFENG MOTOR CORPORATION R&D INSTITUTE, introduced Dongfeng Motor’s core technological achievements in detail, emphasizing the company’s excellent research and development capabilities and future investment planning. Dongfeng has established a complete passenger car platform layout, including the DSMA platform, the quantum architecture dedicated to new energy, the high-performance new energy off-road platform MORA, and the upcoming skateboard platform passengers share to ensure technological leadership. Regarding powertrains, the Mach MHD hybrid and Mach E electric drive systems and their accompanying battery systems are the leading ones in the industry. In terms of autonomous driving, Dongfeng has also developed products above L4 for various scenarios, including 5G-robotaxis, dock uncrewed automatic container trucks, and fixed-area uncrewed buses, to meet the global user demand for Dongfeng products.

Zhao Xiaojie, general manager of Dongfeng Passenger Cars Overseas Marketing Department, focused on product strategy and pointed out that new energy vehicles have become the core growth force of the industry. Dongfeng Group focuses on Dongfeng, VOYAH, and MHERO, three core independent brands committed to brand internationalization and enhancing brand influence. Dongfeng has completed the overseas product layout and plans to launch 11 new energy products in the next three years, covering different levels of cars and SUVs. Dongfeng has developed a subregional marketing strategy to achieve regional marketing goals and strengthened the middle and back office support system to provide better service and support business development.

Dealers from Belarus, Kuwait, and Denmark shared their excellent service and marketing experience and showed the construction of local image stores and future expansion plans. The Danish distributor shared VOYAH’s exquisite brand short film, which attracted the attention of more customers and partners.

On the day of the meeting, DONGFENG exhibited representative products for overseas dealers and partners, including VOYAH PASSION, FREE, DREAM, HUGE, MAGE, SHINE, DONGFENG 007, BOX, MHERO I, etc., which won the attention and praise of overseas dealers and partners.

Work together to create a new horn for the future.

In the past year, Dongfeng overseas dealers have shown high professionalism and perseverance in a complex and changing market environment. Their hard work has played a vital role in successfully shaping Dongfeng’s overseas brand image. During the meeting, an award ceremony was held to recognize outstanding dealer representatives who contributed to Dongfeng’s overseas business in 2023.

Work together for win-win results and open a new chapter of high-quality development.

Ma Lei, general manager of the International Division of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., and China Dongfeng Motor Industry Import and Export Co., Ltd. welcomed the arrival of overseas partners on behalf of Dongfeng Company and thanked the overseas dealers for their efforts and support in the past year. In the future, Dongfeng will continue to deepen partnerships with overseas partners, fully support the development of partners, and share the results of development.

The meeting also put forward the joint construction initiative of a close and clean cooperative partnership, looking forward to establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with partners.

In addition, a business communication meeting was held at Dongfeng Passenger Car Regional Marketing Center to discuss and exchange overseas business development plans further. Overseas partners will also visit the exhibition hall of Dongfeng Group and the core brand factories to fully understand the technical strength and product charm of Dongfeng Company and promote cooperation.

Dongfeng will continue to adhere to the principle of “mutual benefit, mutual trust, and win-win cooperation,” fully support the development of partners, and share the results of development.

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