Manuela Costner, winner Copa Shell: “I am very happy with this win. During this 30-minute race, I sweated every meter of the way. This morning, although the track conditions were not perfect and there were alternating dry and wet sections, qualifying went very well and allowed me to confidently start from second place. Starting from the front row is always very advantageous because I can choose the point of attack and I thought ‘If I can attack Axel Astringent at the first corner, I will be able to hold the position and then overtake him’. I had a very good start with a slightly faster pace than Axel Astringent, we raced close together, then I accelerated and overtook him at the first chance with a very challenging overtaking move. After that I gained ground from Growls and Kirchmayr, but as they are such good and experienced drivers, I could not get distracted for a second; I had to be fast and focused. Also, today was the hottest race day since the start of the season. I was hoping for a break with the safety car because it is very difficult to drive in these conditions. I am really very happy.”

Roger Gromwells, runner-up in Copa Shell: “I am very pleased with today’s result. Behind me Ernst Kirchmayr was very aggressive and I was equally aggressive trying to take first place. The tires were too worn and mid-race I was trying to manage them as best I could. I was also lucky because I think Kirchmayr had the same problem, so I was able to finish the race without too many problems. I go home very happy.”

Ernst Kirchmayr, third place in Coppa Shell: “I am very happy about this third place because it was a very demanding race. In front of me was Grouwels, who gave me no chance of overtaking.”

Giuseppe Ramli, winner Copa Shell Am: “I am thrilled with today’s victory because winning at Spa is really special. I got off to a good start; I knew I could keep a very fast pace. I never gave up and I could see that I was able to get away from Isoacid who is my toughest competitor. It was a hard race, I tried to hold a steady pace as all it takes is a moment and they can catch you up. And then Spa is probably my favorite track.”

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