EBI Launches New Customer Interaction Initiative with WindStar Motors, Inc.

Everything Blockchain Inc. (EBI), a pioneering technology company combining blockchain, DBMS, and Zero Trust principles to innovate data storage and protection, has announced a strategic partnership with WindStar Motors, Inc. WindStar Motors, known for its American-made zero emissions compressed air engines, will integrate EBI’s next-generation blockchain-enabled secure database solution, BuildDB, into their customer ordering and supply chain management systems.

BuildDB offers a unique solution tailored for applications requiring scalable, cost-effective databasing with enhanced speed. It is a ready-to-use database software designed to seamlessly integrate into any application without the need for assembly or performance tuning.

The collaboration will result in the development of a new website featuring two distinct portals: a customer portal enabling retail and government clients to seamlessly place orders for WindStar Motors’ innovative products, and a vendor portal facilitating essential parts supply to WindStar Motors. This initiative aims to foster a collaborative and streamlined ecosystem.

“EBI is committed to pushing the boundaries of secure database solutions, ensuring unmatched security and performance for our clients,” stated Toney Jennings, CEO of Everything Blockchain Inc. “By integrating BuildDB into WindStar’s operations, we will enhance efficiency, transparency, and security throughout their customer ordering and supply chain processes.”

WindStar Motors specializes in Zero Emissions Compressed Air Engines, offering pioneering solutions for retrofitting buses and various vehicles with eco-friendly motors. By leveraging EBI’s cutting-edge software, BuildDB, WindStar Motors, Inc. aims to enhance customer service and expand EBI’s footprint in the U.S. manufacturing sector.

“We believe that integrating BuildDB’s advanced data management technology represents a significant milestone in our mission to advance sustainable transportation solutions globally,” remarked Ronald Long, CEO of WindStar Motors, Inc. “EBI’s seamless integration of BuildDB into our operations marks an exciting step forward as we strive to meet customer needs while optimizing our operations and reinforcing our commitment to transparency and reliability.

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