ECM Unveils Premium Efficiency, Ultra-light, NextGen, PCB Stator Pump Motor

Electric motor design and software company, ECM PCB Stator Technology, leveraged its patented printed circuit board stator technology and its proprietary Motor CAD platform, PrintStator, to create an ultra-light, premium efficiency, 3hp electric pump motor.

ECM designed the PCB Stator motor in collaboration with a large, international pump manufacturer to offer a next-generation solution—with superior performance in a lighter package—compared to the leading market competitor.

“Though often overlooked, electrically powered pumps are an integral component to millions of commercial and industrial systems. Pump motors are also in drastic need of a 21st-century design upgrade,” ECM CEO Brian Casey said.

ECM’s 3hp PCB Stator pump motor is ultra-lightweight and brings a top-of-class efficiency rating with these core features:

  • ECM’s motor achieves a premium efficiency of 94 per cent—2.9 per cent higher than the leading market option.
  • ECM’s pump motor is 68 per cent lighter—22 lbs vs. 67 lbs—and requires 66 per cent less copper.
  • ECM’s PCB Stator motor has a superior form factor, with an axial length of 100mm vs. an axial length of 424mm from the leading market competitor.
  • ECM’s solution is applicable to—and customizable to exact specifications via Motor CAD for—an array of commercial and residential pump use cases: heating, cooling, condensing, fire-safety systems, irrigation, medical devices, mining, and more.

“ECM’s ultra-light, premium efficiency, pump motor design offers the next-generation performance, durability, customization, and sustainable characteristics the market demands,” said ECM CEO Brian Casey.

ECM’s 3hp pump design leverages novel technology to fulfil a global need. The ultra-light, premium-efficiency pump motor supports the shift to sustainable energy and provides an opportunity to reduce electricity and maintenance costs. Pump applications comprise a substantial portion of the use cases for an electric motor market that now demands over one billion units a year in a sector valued at over $200 billion annually.

Outdated electric motors account for over 40 per cent of the world’s electricity consumption. Poorly designed pump systems consume 20 per cent of world electricity and 25 per cent of U.S. electric motor energy. Dated pumps also have short life cycles, creating higher operating expenses.

To solve this—and create a next-generation pump motor that requires significantly less copper to produce—ECM utilized its PrintStator technology platform. PrintStator pairs PCB Stator innovation to advanced Motor CAD to design premium efficiency electric motors that are smaller, quieter, lighter, and more durable. These benefits apply not only to electric pumps but across a broad range of motorized industries and verticals.

After an exclusive release in Q4 2022, ECM is rapidly approaching the public release of PrintStator as a SaaS platform in Q4 2023. This will enable legions of innovators to scale the benefits of PCB Stator electric motors to pumps and beyond.

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