EVgo and Partners named by Ohio Department of Transportation for Proposed Awards of$13.8 M in NEVI Funding for 20 Fast Charging Stations Along Interstate Corridors

one of the nation’s largest public fast charging networks for electric vehicles( EVs), moment blazoned that the company and its eXtend mates were named by DriveOhio, a division of the Ohio Department of Transportation, for proposed awards of$13.8 M in backing to emplace 20 fast charging stations. Fourteen of the 20 locales are possessed by EVgo eXtend mate Airman Company, and all EVgo and EVgo eXtend stations stationed through these
awards will feature 350kW high-power fast charging. Of the further than$ 18M awarded by DriveOhio in its first tranche of National Electric Vehicle Structure ( NEVI) program finances to be released, EVgo and its eXtend mates entered further than 75.

“ Fast charging deployments are poised to gauge at unknown rates thanks to the public-private hookups strengthened by NEVI, and states like Ohio are leading the way, ” said Cathy Zoi, CEO at EVgo. “ Thanks to our long functional history and our blue strip hookups on both our possessed and operated network and through our eXtend business, we’re well-deposited to deliver the fast charging structure demanded by countries like Ohio. We thank the state for opting for us and our eXtend mates as we continue to expand our network to meet the growing demand for charging in Buckeye State. ”

Ohio is one of the first countries to advertise awards from the NEVI program, which was established following the passage of the Bipartisan Structure Law and includes over$ 5B in formula backing that aspirants will be suitable to unleash to make EV charging structure civil. Over the coming five times, DriveOhio will release over$ 100 million in NEVI finances to further support EV charging structure deployment across the state. In this first tranche, DriveOhio awarded further than$ 18 million in NEVI finances for 27 new EV charging stations along crucial corridors, including I- 70, I- 71, I- 74, I- 75, I- 76, I- 77, and I- 90.

moment, Ohio has 130 intimately available presto dishes.1 EVgo’s most lately opened station in the state in Beachwood just outside Cleveland — offers EV motorists four fast charging booths with pets up to 350kW. In total, EVgo presently operates 37 fast charging booths across 10 locales in Ohio, including crucial metro requests similar to Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati

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