EVgo Introduces “Charge Talk” Video Series to Answer Current and Future EV Drivers’ Biggest Questions on EV Charging

-EVgo Inc. (NASDAQ: EVGO) (“EVgo” or the “Company”), one of the nation’s largest public fast charging networks for electric vehicles (EVs), announced the launch of “Charge Talk,” a new video series dedicated to educating current and prospective EV drivers on the latest hot topics and frequently asked questions related to EV charging. The first three episodes are available online, with new episodes from the first instalment of the series to be released each month. The most recent instalment features a discussion on CCS and the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors and what EV drivers may expect to see in the future as charging networks like EVgo evolve to meet consumer needs.

“Charge Talk” builds on EVgo’s steadfast commitment to education and transparency in support of mass EV adoption and charging infrastructure expansion. In 2021, the Company launched Connect the Watts™, an initiative focused on bringing the EV charging infrastructure community together to identify best practices and accelerate fast charger deployment. Earlier this year, EVgo announced EVgo ReNew™, its enhanced and comprehensive network upgrade program designed to advance uptime and boost range confidence for all EV drivers. As a complement to EVgo ReNew, the “Charge Talk” series will focus on consumer education, hoping to increase successful charging sessions for EV drivers.

With EV sales skyrocketing, industry analysts have estimated that more than 300,000 public fast chargers will be needed by 2030 to meet EV charging demand. As public charging expands and reaches new areas, first-time EV drivers are learning about the distinct aspects of EV ownership and are searching for information to get the best charging experience. EVgo continues to expand its network footprint in collaboration with automakers and site host partners to serve these drivers, and the Company is adding to its roster of educational content to support a seamless transition to the EV lifestyle through “Charge Talk” and other short videos presented by experts on the team. Topics include session initiation, charging speeds, how to pay for charging and more.

“EVgo is committed to delivering a great customer experience. With all the new EV drivers hitting the road, we want to make sure they have the resources they need to use public fast charging successfully,” said Dennis Kish, Chief Operating Officer at EVgo. “One of the simplest (but not necessarily the most intuitive) pieces of advice we give first-time EV drivers is to always follow the directions on the charger screen and plug in the connector first. The momentum we’re seeing in electrification is inspiring, and we remain dedicated to our educational efforts to help drivers make the transition to clean transportation with confidence.”

Based on questions and comments that EVgo receives via social media and email, as well as trending topics in news articles and reports, episodes of the new series will address often-asked questions and debunk common misconceptions for new EV owners and those considering purchasing an EV.

To watch episodes of EVgo’s “Charge Talk” series, EVgo ReNew videos and other EVgo short topics, visit the EVgo YouTube page.

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