Fanttik Joins SEMA Show 2023 In Las Vegas with Enthralling Automotive Inflators

Fanttik – the multiple international award-winning and highly acclaimed automotive brand, is joining SEMA Show 2023 to showcase its exciting products from October 31 through November 3 at Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV. It is Fanttik’s second appearance at the prestigious auto-show where it had won the precious SEMA Best Media Award in 2022 for one of its tire inflators.

Fanttik’s Focused Exhibit at SEMA Show 2023

Fanttik will take center stage to showcase its comprehensive range of automotive products, emphasizing top-tier tire inflators encompassing flagship offerings to entry-level, performance-oriented gadgets. Notably, Fanttik will present its tire inflator line. Here are a few teasers.

As Fanttik joins the SEMA Show in 2023, Fanttik is proud to continue building upon its immense success during its debut arrival at the show in 2022. The brand eagerly anticipates the opportunity to showcase innovative approaches to automotive gear at the prestigious event.

Additionally, Fanttik is gearing up for the launch of the X9 Ultra tire inflator, designed specifically for pickup trucks and large SUVs. Stay tuned for updates on Fanttik’s official website and Facebook page!

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