Faraday Future Reaffirms Commitment to Long-Term Growth and Shareholder Value

Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIE) (“Faraday Future”, “FF” or “Company”), a California-based global shared intelligent electric mobility ecosystem company, reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding the interests of its shareholders while driving long-term growth and value creation. Faraday Future has recently observed a series of suspicious activities that the Company believes suggests a coordinated effort to undermine the Company’s valuation through spreading misinformation and manipulating market sentiment.

Faraday Future firmly believes in fair and transparent market practices, where investors can make informed decisions based on accurate and reliable information. The Company is unequivocally fully committed to the long-term value creation and the interests of its shareholders, employees, and stakeholders.

To address this issue, Faraday Future is taking the following steps:

Increased Transparency: The Company will continue to provide accurate and timely information via public disclosure in an effort to ensure equal access to the facts about the Company’s performance and prospects.

Potential Legal Action: The Company plans to further investigate and address any perceived market manipulation or misinformation activities. If the Company finds any illegal short selling, other market manipulation or misinformation it intends to take available legal action. The Company will continue to endeavor to protect its global investors.

Maintaining Focus on Long-Term Growth: The Company remains committed to its core vision and ongoing innovation.

The Company urges its shareholders and the broader investment community to remain vigilant against market manipulation and base their investment decisions on comprehensive research and due diligence.

The Company expresses its gratitude to its shareholders and stakeholders who have been supportive over the history of the business. The trust in Faraday Future is invaluable, and the team will continue to work tirelessly to deliver and drive long-term value.

Users can preorder an FF 91 vehicle via the FF Intelligent App or through our website (English): https://www.ff.com/us/preorder/ or (Chinese): https://www.ff.com/cn/preorder/

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