• The Fisker Alaska will be the world’s most sustainable pickup truck. *
  • An innovative bed design, making use of a technology similar to the Houdini rear
    door that Fisker is using for the Fisker PEAR crossover, will enable the box to
    expand to 9.2 feet from 4.5 feet, delivering unrivaled versatility.
  • The Fisker Alaska’s base price is expected to start at $45,400, before eligible
    incentives are applied.
  • The Fisker Alaska will be manufactured in the US

driven by a mission
to create the world’s most emotional and sustainable electric vehicles, today released
additional details on its Fisker Alaska pickup truck.

“Alaska breaks with convention,” Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker said. “It doesn’t fit into
any current segment, as it combines features of a mid-size pickup with the capabilities of
a full-size thanks to its innovative expandable bed design.”
Fisker revealed the Alaska at its Product Vision Day on August 3.
The Fisker Alaska is the company’s “everything” vehicle: sporty handling and driving
dynamics combined with luxury SUV comfort and everything that discerning buyers in the
booming pickup-truck market expect. But Fisker also intends to make the Fisker Alaska
the world’s most sustainable pickup when deliveries commence in 2025.
The company is also innovating with the vehicle, particularly when it comes to the bed,
which is designed to expand from 4.5 to 7.5 feet thanks to a Houdini partition behind the
rear seats that can be electronically lowered into space created by the battery layout of
the FM31 platform. The Houdini door will be protected by a flip-up panel. With the
powered liftgate dropped and rear seats lowered, the bed expands to 9.2 feet. When the
rear seats are folded down and the Houdini is lowered, the rear seats are protected by
fold up panels including a panel folding up behind the front seats. Beyond that, Fisker
aims for the Fisker Alaska to be the world’s lightest electric pickup and feature extra
storage in an insulated front trunk.
The Fisker Alaska will be offered with two battery packs — 75 kWh and 113 kWh — that will
offer range of 230-340 miles; the 0-60mph time will range from 3.9 to 7.2 seconds.* The
vehicle will be 17.4 feet in length and entice owners with a big gulp cupholder, the world’s
largest, a cowboy hat holder, cockpit storage for work gloves, a large center armrest
with storage for flashlights and pens, and a passenger tray with a tablet holder. Wheels
will be available in 20- and 22-inch sizes.
Production of the Fisker Alaska is expected to start in Q1 of 2025. Interested customers
can reserve the vehicle at for $250 for their first Alaska and fully
refundable $100 for the second.

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