Green Plains Mates Announces Daily Distribution

Green Plains Mates LP( NASDAQGPP) moment blazoned that the Board of Directors of its general mate declared a daily cash distribution of$0.455 per unit on all of its outstanding common units for the alternate quarter of 2023, or$1.82 per unit on an annualized basis. The distribution is outstanding on August 11, 2023, to unitholders of record at the close of business on August 4, 2023.

good Notice

This release serves as good notice to brokers and appointees under Treasury Regulation Section 1.1446- 4( b). Please note that 100 of Green Plains Partners ’ distributions to-U.S. investors are attributable to income that’s effectively connected with a United States trade or business. Consequently, all of the Partnership’s distributions to-U.S. investors are subject toU.S. civil income duty withholding at the loftiest applicable effective duty rate.

This release also serves as good notice that the 10 exceptions to withholding described in Treasury Regulation Section 1.1446 ( f)- 4( b)( 3) doesn’t apply. Likewise, 100 distributions to foreign investors are in excess of accretive net income for purposes of Treasury Regulation Section1.1446( f)- 4( c)( 2)( iii). Brokers and appointees must withhold the maximum quantum under Treasury Regulation Section 1.1446 ( f).

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