Helbiz Awarded Permit Renewal to Expand ElectricMicro-Mobility Services in Palermo, Sicily

MILAN–( BUSINESS WIRE)– Helbiz, amicromobility.comInc.( NASDAQ MCOM) company is thrilled to advertise the renewal of its operating permit in the megacity of Palermo for a further three times. The permit allows for the deployment of over 1000 electric scooters, pressing Helbiz’s part in bolstering the vacuity of sustainable transport in Sicily. This achievement is indeed more significant as Helbiz was awarded the top spot in a largely competitive operation process.
With its favourable climate time-round, Palermo provides the perfect conditions for the use of micro-mobility vehicles throughout all seasons, making this sustainable mode of transport an ideal choice for the megacity’s residents and callers likewise.

Electricmicro-mobility is vital in transubstantiating civic commuting, offering an effective, sustainable result. Helbiz remains loyal in its fidelity to furnishing Palermo’s resides with a dependable, stoner-friendly service. The increased line of electric scooters is set to further enhance civic mobility, promote greener life choices, and contribute to reducing business and road traffic, thereby fostering a cleaner and more accessible civic terrain.

” We are lowered and excited about the renewed occasion to serve the vibrant megacity of Palermo,” stated Luca Santambrogio, Country Manager of Helbiz in Italy.” Our top ranking in the operation process speaks to our platoon’s hard work and our commitment to offering a high-quality, sustainable service. We look forward to continuing our donation to Palermo’s sustainability sweats and to playing an integral part in shaping the megacity’s-micro-mobility geography.”

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