Heyun Car Rental Awarded Gold Medal in 2024 Taiwan Service Industry Assessment

The 13th Taiwan Service Industry Assessment results were announced on the 3rd, with Heyun Car Rental securing the gold medal in the “car rental” category once again. Additionally, Lin Guanhong from the Zhongxiao store in Taipei also received a gold medal for Service Excellence. Heyun Car Rental’s commitment to the principle of “customer first, professionalism” has solidified its reputation as a leading brand. Their exceptional performance and brand image have helped them stand out among many competitors and earn the highest honor.

Creating Competitive Advantages in the Value Chain and Offering Comprehensive Vehicle Solutions

Heyun Car Rental has consistently monitored market trends, offering various leasing plans to meet the diverse needs of domestic consumers. Their fleet includes both fuel and electric vehicles from major brands. To retain customers, Heyun provides various equipment rental products that cater to customers’ financial needs. In addition to expanding their range of rental services, Heyun is also growing its used car business, operating three major brands: Heyun Jinpai Center, HOT Alliance, and ABC Good Car Network. These brands provide one-stop integrated services through value chain extension, showcasing Heyun’s innovative service capabilities and maintaining its market leadership.

Warm-hearted Service and Award-winning Staff

In addition to the Gold Medal Award in the car rental category, Zhongxiao Store’s Lin Guanhong won the “Service Leader Award” in the 2024 Taiwan Service Industry Assessment, chosen from 2,100 employees. Heyun Car Rental is dedicated to enhancing service quality and employee training, aiming to become the most trusted brand for customers. By focusing on “customer-oriented” service, they strive to create exceptional service experiences and build long-term customer trust with thoughtful and considerate service.

Diverse Vehicle Models and Digital Services for Convenient Short-term Rentals

Adapting to digital technology trends, Heyun Short-Term Rental (part of Heyun Mobile Services) introduced electronic vehicle rental and return processes in 2022, promoting green operations and paperless services. This initiative has significantly reduced car return times and improved service quality and efficiency, achieving higher customer satisfaction. Heyun Short-Term Rental is also the first in Taiwan to offer free one-way rentals, providing flexible and convenient options for customers. They have introduced various hybrid gasoline and electric models, fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities.

To accommodate older customers, Heyun has installed service bells at store entrances and provided reading glasses for easy access to car rental services. For families with young children, Heyun offers discounted car rental plans and assists with installing child safety seats. They promote ESG sustainability by providing hot and cold drinking machines and encouraging customers to bring their own water bottles. Additionally, they supply mobile phone holders and USB charging adapters in cars, aiming to enhance the car rental experience with thoughtful details.

Professional and Customer-focused Private Car Transfer Services

Heyun Private Car Transfer, part of Heyun Mobile Service, boasts over 20 years of experience, providing safe and comfortable ride services. Their professional fleet undergoes strict driving reviews and regular training, ensuring high-level service from each driver. The drivers’ qualifications, including good citizen certificates and road driving assessments, are reviewed quarterly, and they participate in online/physical driving courses covering safe driving, vehicle maintenance, service etiquette, and foreign language training. Recognized for Excellent Driving by the Ministry of Transportation and Highways Administration in 2023, Heyun has recently introduced value-added services like airport express clearance and VIP room reservations.

Looking ahead, Heyun plans to continue leveraging AI intelligent technology to enhance the rental service experience, offering more advanced and warm services through innovative technology and data analysis.

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