Heyun Car Rental Receives Golden Torch Award as One of the Top Ten Outstanding Enterprises of the Year

Heyun Car Rental stands as a premier brand in the domestic car rental industry, renowned for its robust operational strength and exceptional service quality. This has earned the long-term trust and support of its customers, resulting in an impressive record of being the top performer in the new car rental market for 22 consecutive years. By focusing on customer needs, Heyun Car Rental has developed a diverse range of services and products. Beyond promoting long-term car rentals, the company leverages its integrated value chain to offer comprehensive services including new and used car leasing, used car auctions, and after-sales warranty repairs. These one-stop services cater to the various needs arising from the car usage process, solidifying Heyun Car Rental’s reputation. The company’s accolade as one of the “Top Ten Outstanding Enterprises of the Year” in the Golden Torch Award further attests to its exemplary performance and consumer recognition.

Diverse Leasing Services to Maximize Capital Utilization

Heyun Car Rental caters to various customer needs by offering a wide range of rental products across different brands and vehicle types. Keeping abreast of market trends, the company introduces rental solutions tailored to current demands. For example, in response to the growing popularity of camping, Heyun offers convenient car rental options for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, aligning with ESG carbon reduction policies, Heyun supports corporate clients transitioning to electric vehicles by planning special projects to lower the entry barriers for new energy vehicles, thus promoting net-zero carbon emissions.

The booming domestic used car market, coupled with improved third-party inspection and certification mechanisms, has increased public acceptance of used cars. In this context, Heyun Car Rental continues to offer high-quality used car rental plans at affordable prices, ensuring consumers have access to reliable and cost-effective rental options.

Moreover, to meet the operational needs of corporate customers, Heyun has expanded its offerings to include CR equipment leasing projects. This encompasses a variety of production equipment, large machinery, medical equipment, and office machines, along with after-sales and leaseback programs. By extending its leasing expertise, Heyun provides one-stop services, becoming a crucial partner in helping corporate clients optimize their capital utilization.

Enhancing Services Through Technological Advancements

In the era of the digital economy, Heyun Car Rental has accelerated its digital transformation to improve operational efficiency and enhance service experiences. The company has integrated intelligent technology applications, such as developing an intelligent customer service system for instant consultations to boost customer satisfaction. Additionally, Heyun utilizes big data to analyze consumer preferences and deliver precise, customized recommendations. With the rapid advancement of AI technology, Heyun plans to introduce AI intelligent butler services via Line@, enabling users to schedule maintenance appointments and consult on insurance matters online. By continuously incorporating new technological applications, Heyun aims to enhance service quality and provide a superior user experience.

Commitment to ESG and Environmental Sustainability

With 25 years of experience in Taiwan’s car rental market, Heyun Car Rental has consistently upheld the principle of giving back to society. The company is committed to corporate social responsibility, environmental protection, and sustainable development. Heyun regularly organizes beach cleaning and plastic collection activities, with five events planned across the province in 2024. These initiatives, which saw enthusiastic participation from nearly 700 employees, underscore the company’s and its employees’ dedication to environmental protection.

Heyun Car Rental aspires to maintain its leadership in the domestic rental service market while actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities, contributing to sustainable development, and setting an industry benchmark.

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