Holley Introduces New Revolutionary Electronic Fuel Injection System With Sniper 2

HolleyInc.( NYSE HLLY), a commanding platform serving performance automotive suckers, moment blazoned the launch of its Sniper 2 electronic energy injection( Sniper 2 EFI), a tone- tuning, easy- to- install, EFI conversion for common 4- barrel style carburetors. Sniper 2 EFI represents the coming elaboration of the Company’s large and fast- growing Sniper product line, which was first introduced in 2016 and brought ultramodern Electronic Energy Injection( EFI) to plant equipped carbureted vehicles. Sniper 2 represents Holley’s rearmost product launch in the Company’s# 1 product order – Electronic Energy Injection.

“ The performance aftermarket is fleetly evolving, and we’re committed to inspiring and enabling our sucker consumers in their automotive adventures by bringing invention to the request, ” said Matthew Stevenson, President and Chief Executive Officer. “ Holley has bettered in anticipating the future requirements of the automotive sucker, including the desire to modify classic vehicles to run like ultramodern vehicles, and this remains a crucial pillar of our overarching strategy. ”

Stevenson concluded, “ The preface of Sniper 2 EFI advances our trip to introduce products for being and arising orders and platforms. The advancements made to this request- leading product open up a larger nontransferable request of classic vehicles through bettered ease- of- use, vehicle performance and Holley connectivity with the client across a portfolio of our ingrained products. Our Holley platoon is passionate about accelerating development in innovative products our sucker consumers desire, and the Sniper 2 offers flawless integration with the broader Holley EFI product line. ”

crucial Product Features

New design making the# 1 EFI Conversion indeed more stoner-friendly
Simpler installation requires only four wiring connections, reducing complexity and install time
Holley’s unique quick- launch point allows consumers to get their Sniper EFI system running by only answering a many simple questions about their machine. No laptop computer or previous tuning experience needed!
Coming generation electronics offers enhanced features and lesser comity with aged vehicles
Unlocks forthcoming product launches including the Power Distribution Module( PDM) and wireless connectivity which will allow suckers to connect their Sniper 2 EFI to Holley via their iOS ® or Android ® 1 grounded smartphone for the first time

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