IonQ Elevates Dr. Dean Kassmann to Senior VP of Engineering and Technology

IonQ (NYSE: IONQ), a prominent figure in the quantum computing sector, has announced the promotion of Dr. Dean Kassmann to Senior Vice President of the newly established Engineering and Technology division. This move follows Dr. Kassmann’s successful tenure as Vice President of Engineering, during which he made significant contributions to IonQ’s growth and technical innovation over the past two and a half years.

Dr. Kassmann brings with him over three decades of leadership experience in software, hardware, and technology development, having held positions at renowned firms like Aspen Technology, Amazon, and Blue Origin. Since joining IonQ, he and his team have achieved several notable milestones, including surpassing IonQ’s algorithmic qubit (#AQ) milestones ahead of schedule on three occasions, filing a substantial number of patent applications, and providing critical support to clients such as the Air Force Research Lab and QuantumBasel. Additionally, under his guidance, IonQ acquired and integrated Entangled Networks’ team and technologies, launched the IonQ Aria systems, and developed the IonQ Forte Enterprise.

Peter Chapman, President and CEO of IonQ, expressed confidence in Dr. Kassmann’s leadership, stating, “Dr. Kassmann has played a pivotal role in some of IonQ’s most important achievements. His proven track record in delivering both technical excellence and business results makes him the perfect fit for this new division.” Chapman emphasized Dr. Kassmann’s instrumental role in advancing IonQ’s strategic initiatives and highlighted his alignment with the company’s vision for the future of quantum computing.

The establishment of the Engineering and Technology division under Dr. Kassmann’s leadership underscores IonQ’s commitment to advancing both immediate goals and long-term technological advancements. This division will integrate IonQ’s current engineering group and R&D team, fostering an environment conducive to research and innovation. This strategic move aims to ensure IonQ remains at the forefront of quantum computing technology.

Dr. Kassmann expressed enthusiasm about his new role, stating, “I’m excited to lead this division at such a pivotal moment for IonQ. Our achievements thus far are just the beginning, and the dedication of our team to pushing the boundaries of quantum computing is truly inspiring.” He emphasized the team’s commitment to exploring new frontiers and driving IonQ’s mission to unlock the full potential of quantum computing for real-world applications.

In summary, IonQ’s promotion of Dr. Dean Kassmann to Senior Vice President of Engineering and Technology marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey toward advancing quantum computing technology. Dr. Kassmann’s leadership promises to further propel IonQ’s innovation and strategic growth in the field.

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