Keysight to Showcase Electric Vehicle inventions at CES 2024

Over 200 EV models are introduced every time encyclopedically, and numerous EV norms live or are in development around the world to address different requirements and operations. Testing all combinations is impracticable in the real world. Emulation in the lab is the only way to validate and insure interoperability of EVs and charging stations. At CES, Keysight will demonstrate the following use cases, to show how emulation results can enable the future of EVs

Battery Research and Development( R&D) to make More Batteries Faster
With Keysight’s Battery Cell Test system, masterminds can push the effectiveness of each cell to develop advanced capacity and advanced viscosity batteries. Keysight experts will be on hand to bandy how to dissect new cell chemistries, optimize cell designs, and acclimatize to evolving configurations in order to support the entire R&D process and deliver invention.
Maximizing Power to the Road with Battery Cell, Pack, and Battery Management System( BMS) Testing
The growing demand for electric vehicles is adding the need for more effective EV battery development and testing. Keysight’s Battery Pack Test System is designed to address this issue and accelerate the development and confirmation of battery packs. Used in combination with Keysight’s cell, module, and BMS test systems, masterminds can streamline the testing process throughout the workflow. Keysight will be agitating battery cell, module, pack, and BMS test challenges and demonstrate how its results give advanced effectiveness with a lower footmark to help minimize operating costs.
icing EV Charging Conformance by Validating All Charging Interfaces
Keysight’s Charging Discovery System( CDS) is a complete result for all EV and electric vehicle force outfit( EVSE) charging interfaces. masterminds can test the full range of EV and EVSE norms with in- lab emulation, icing worldwide norms are met. This ensures conformance and interoperability to drive unborn growth and invention. Keysight will also be agitating how its results enable AC/ DC charging at advanced power and help validate V2G dispatches and power transfer.
Gigafactory Optimization by Maximizing Battery Test Lab Efficiency
Being suitable to streamline lab operations is essential to make electric vehicles more cost- competitive. masterminds are seeking to produce EV batteries in mass by efficiently managing workflows, while at the same time icing compliance. This means quicker analysis of data and statistics and the capability to automate attestation and tasks in order to free up critical time and ameliorate speed. Keysight will bandy how its PathWave Lab Operations software enables masterminds to streamline workflows and ameliorate time- to- request with effective planning and collaboration of the entire battery test laboratory.
In July, the White House blazoned a public action to ameliorate the state of consumer IOT security to more cover sequestration and fiscal information. Keysight is proud to be the only testing company invited to that advertisement. At CES, Keysight will showcase and share in the following conversations

Automated IOT Security Testing to enable FCC Cyber Trust Mark
In our Cybersecurity cell( LVCC, North Hall,# 9478), Keysight will demonstrate its automated IOT Security Assessment product which is used to validate both security and compliance in connected bias ranging from headsets to healthcare bias to connected buses .
Panel Discussion A Secured IoT World? Programs, Rules, Brands, Retailers and Consumers
Keysight will be sharing in this panel discussion along with Samsung, Best Buy, and the Consumer Technology Association( CTA).
Panel Description
“ What’s the impact of the US Cyber Trust Mark, the EU CRA and other programs? This panel will bandy the counteraccusations . ”
Date Thursday, January 11
Time 100 – 140 PM
position LVCC North Hall Level 2 in room N258
Web runner https//
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At Keysight( NYSE KEYS), we inspire and empower originators to bring world- changing technologies to life. As an S&P 500 company, we ’re delivering request- leading design, emulation, and test results to help masterminds develop and emplace briskly, with lower threat, throughout the entire product lifecycle. We ’re a global invention mate enabling guests in dispatches, artificial robotization, aerospace and defense, automotive, semiconductor, and general electronics requests to accelerate invention to connect and secure the world. Learn more at Keysight Newsroom andwww.keysighs

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