Lomiko Announces Grant From the Consortium De Recherche EtD’innovation En Transformation Métallique( CRITM) and National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program( NRC IRAP)

Lomiko EssenceInc.(TSX.V LMR)( “ Lomiko Essence ” or the “ Company ”) is pleased to advertise that further to its press release dated June 16, 2023, the Company secured up to$ 500,000 in backing from civil and parochial agencies to continue advancing-feasibility position battery trials with its La Loutre natural flake graphite concentrate. Lomiko has succeeded in carrying an entitlement from the Consortium de recherche et innovation en metamorphosis métallique( CRITM) to complete studies for globular graphite in battery operations. The Company also secured backing support from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program( NRC IRAP) and backing from CRITM through the Québec Plan for the Development of Critical and Strategic Minerals from Ministère des Ressources naturelles et des Forêts( MRNF). The end is to continue advancing pre-feasibility position battery trials with La Loutre natural flake graphite concentrate. The work will be carried out over the coming 24 months by experts from the National Research Council of Canada’s Automotive and Surface Transportation Research Centre at its Boucherville installation in Quebec. Belinda Labatte, CEO and Director, stated “ We’re pleased to be working with CRITIM, NRC IRAP, and the MRNF on these studies, which show the continued interest in our natural flake graphite design and its overall implicit benefit to Quebec and Canada as a critical mineral that can profit the energy transition. We’re laboriously sharing in Quebec’s critical mineral strategy and adding the collaborative knowledge base of our La Loutre design, and our charge is to produce a climate success story with First Nations and original communities. We’re pleased to be working with our Quebec mates on this action. ” By rooting and transubstantiating these rich graphite coffers, Lomiko can help meet the growing demand for graphite from electric auto battery manufacturers. As the need for a transition to electric vehicles intensifies, Lomiko anticipates that its La Loutre design will be part of a comprehensive result for energy tone- adequacy and large-scale reduction of hothouse gas emigrations. design description This design will involve the exploration and development of a technological prototype for graphite processing, comprising several stages, including micronization, spheronization, sanctification and coating. The main deliverables of this process, particularly after electrochemical characterization of the converted graphite material, are anode composition and defined charge/ discharge capacities. An 800 kg bulk sample is to be uprooted from the La Loutre graphite deposit and packed into a third-party laboratory( Corem, Quebec). After crushing, the ore is reused in an airman flotation factory to produce graphite flotation concentrate. The flotation concentrate is dried and classified into size fragments. The-100 mesh product will be micronized to a D50 of 15- 20 microns and spheroidized( Corem and NRCAN in Quebec). This size reduction and shaping is a demand for natural graphite to be used as a battery anode material. The micronization process has the added benefit of reducing the quantum of contaminations that are associated with graphite. The spheroid product will suffer thermal and chemical sanctification to remove the utmost remaining sulphite and-sulfur contaminations to ameliorate the quality of the graphite to gain a concentrate of at least 99.95 C( g). The coating of SPG( globular graphite) material is carried out to produce carpeted purified globular graphite( CSPG). Eventually, the CSPG will be subordinated to a battery evaluation to establish the electrochemical performance of the La Loutre material. The way the CSPG replicates the sequence of the business process on a lower scale. The data collected during processing will be used to develop the intertwined process design criteria, which form the base for large-scale factory engineering. Although each of the individual technologies has been used in colourful operations for times, configuring them into an intertwined process is a new approach, given that China presently produces nearly 100 of the globular purified graphite demanded EV battery operations. It should be noted that there-feasibility metallurgical test work achieved excellent results and demonstrated that an optimized flotation factory inflow distance can achieve 94.7 graphite recovery and average98.7 graphitic carbon chastity at the La Loutre natural flake graphite design. Lomiko’s La Loutre design is a source of high-quality natural flake graphite located in southern Quebec.

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