Two new variants introduced: W2 in Petrol starting at INR 7.99 Lakh and W4 in Petrol TurboSportTM series starting at INR 9.29 LakhThe introduction of the sporty W4 TurboSportTM petrol variant comes with the same class-leading performance with 230 Nm of torque and 96 kW of powerSunroof is now available from W4 variant onward in both petrol and diesel options.

Mumbai, August 10, 2023: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., India’s leading SUV manufacturer, has broadened the appeal of its acclaimed XUV300 SUV, offering greater accessibility for enthusiasts. The introduction of the petrol-exclusive W2 variant provides an enticing entry point into the XUV300 range, priced at INR 7.99 Lakh. This variant offers an exceptional blend of value and performance, making it an ideal choice for those looking for an authentic and sporty SUV.

In a move to extend exhilarating performance to a wider audience, Mahindra has also introduced the W4 TurboSport™ variant, equipped with the sporty, high-performance 1.2 L mStallion TGDi petrol engine. Previously, this powertrain was exclusive to variants from W6 onwards. Now, with the W4 TurboSport™, thrillennial buyers can experience the thrill of 0-60 km/h in 5 seconds, courtesy 230 Nm of torque and 96 kW of power.

In addition to the above, Mahindra has enhanced the W4 variant line with a sunroof, available on both petrol and diesel models. This further solidifies the XUV300’s position as a sporty SUV offering maximum value, performance, and features to enthusiasts.

Unveiling an exciting enhancement to the W4 variant, the XUV300 now presents a wide range of choice between two robust engines – the 1.2 L Turbo Petrol and the sporty 1.2 L stallion Did. This added selection grants customers the freedom to tailor their XUV300 according to their preferences and needs. Moreover, the XUV300 offers a diverse range of two distinctive exterior and interior options, allowing customers to create a personalized and stylish compact SUV that truly reflects their unique taste and lifestyle.

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