Manufacturers with Large Electric Vehicle Portfolio Have Higher Website Satisfaction, J.D. Power Finds

Although overall satisfaction with car manufacturer websites remains flat, satisfaction among electric vehicle (EV) shoppers has increased since the last volume in Summer 2023, according to the J.D. Power 2024 U.S. Manufacturer Website Evaluation StudySM—Winter, released today. Specifically, of the six brands that experienced significant increases, five have a larger EV portfolio.

Previously, car manufacturers had difficulties showcasing the technological specifications for their EVs in an easily digestible way for shoppers,” said Eric McCready, director of digital solutions at J.D. Power. “Now, the tide has turned as the EV shopping experience has been elevated. Looking ahead, manufacturers that evenly distribute the focus and updates across all vehicle types will see higher satisfaction with vehicle shoppers.”

The J.D. Power U.S. Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study is a semiannual study that measures customer satisfaction of automotive manufacturer websites during the process of shopping for a new vehicle by examining four key measures (in order of importance): information/content; visual appeal; navigation; and speed.

Study Rankings

Mercedes-Benz ranks highest among premium manufacturer websites with a score of 751. Tesla (749) ranks second and Cadillac (737) ranks third.

Hyundai ranks highest among mass market manufacturer websites with a score of 728. GMC (727) and Kia (727) each rank second in a tie.

The U.S. Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study, initially released in 1999, is based on responses from 12,481 new-vehicle shoppers who indicate they will be in the market for a new vehicle within the next 24 months. The study was fielded from October through December 2023.

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