micromobility.com Inc. Uncovers harmonious Trading Imbalances, Intensifies Measures to cover Shareholder Interests and insure Fair MarketConditions.

micromobility.com Inc. (NASDAQ: MCOM), a leading micro-mobility ecosystem, today announced that Shareholder Intelligence Services LLC’s (“ShareIntel”) extensive analysis of MCOM stock, has identified consistent imbalances and reported short interest, signalling the potential presence of illegal naked short sales. When compared to the average trading volume, these imbalances prove to be notably significant. The Company continues to be committed to taking all necessary actions to protect the interests of its shareholders and will continue to work with ShareIntel and other partners to combat potential manipulative trading activities to help ensure fair market conditions.

In light of the patient nature of these imbalances and their implicit ramifications, it’s essential to carry out further examinations to guarantee request integrity and adherence to nonsupervisory norms. These ways include continuing working with ShareIntel to take over a comprehensive analysis of data deduced from broker-dealers, clearing enterprises and other sources to give practicable intelligence on implicit request manipulation.

Salvatore Palella,micromobility.com Inc’s CEO, stated, “ We want to ensure that MCOM isn’t the target of request manipulation. Our primary responsibility is to cover our investors and ensure a fair and transparent fiscal terrain. We’re looking to take decisive action and the Company will do everything in its power to address any substantiation of indecorous trading in MCOM securities. ”

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