Mullen Unveils Zero-Emissions PowerUP Mobile EV Charging Truck All Electric Innovation

Mullen Automotive, Inc. (NASDAQ: MULN), a leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has announced a significant milestone in sustainable transportation with the unveiling of a zero-emissions iteration of their PowerUP mobile EV charging solution. This innovative solution will now be integrated into the company’s own Class 3 all-electric cab chassis truck.

Initially introduced in July 2023, Mullen’s PowerUP emerged as a mobile EV charging truck providing level 2 and level 3 DC fast charging capabilities. It served critical roles in scenarios where immediate power was essential for recharging electric vehicles or emergency backup power, such as roadside assistance and emergency response situations.

The transition to a zero-emissions model signifies Mullen’s commitment to environmental responsibility and responds to the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions in the mobile EV charging sector. The previous model, which utilized a gasoline Class 5 cab chassis platform and a dual-fuel (propane/natural gas) power generation unit, has been replaced with a 100% zero-emission design.

The new zero-emissions PowerUP mobile charging truck, integrated with the Mullen THREE Class 3 cab chassis truck, boasts enhanced charging capabilities and versatility. It is designed as a scalable battery platform, accommodating various market needs ranging from 10kW to 1MW, and capable of utilizing both new and repurposed battery cells. Featuring Level 3 DC fast charging, off-grid AC power, and micro-grid connectivity, it caters to diverse applications. Additionally, its quiet operation minimizes noise pollution, making it suitable for noise-sensitive environments like urban centers, hospitals, and residential areas.

Key features of the Mullen PowerUP – Zero-Emissions Mobile Charging Truck include:

  • Vehicle: Mullen THREE, all-electric Class 3 EV cab chassis truck
  • Peak Capacity: 160 kWh (Scalable to 1 MWh)
  • Outputs:
    • 2 X Level 3 Fast Chargers (60 kW each output)
    • 20kW (up to 160kW) 120V/240V/480V AC Output
    • 12V jumper terminals
  • Additional Recharging Options:
    • Solar and wind off-grid power generation
    • Bi-directional 480V grid connection

David Michery, CEO and chairman of Mullen Automotive, expressed the company’s dedication to innovation and meeting industry demands. He highlighted the positive reception of the initial PowerUP concept and emphasized the shift towards a zero-emission solution to align with market preferences.

The development of PowerUP takes place at Mullen’s High Energy Facility in Fullerton, California, dedicated to producing next-generation American-made EV battery packs. This expansion aligns with Mullen’s vision of establishing a comprehensive electric vehicle ecosystem in the United States. The recent acquisition of battery pack production assets from Romeo Power further accelerates the development of PowerUP as a battery-based mobile charging solution.

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