One Energy Announces Commercial Operations of First High-Voltage Megawatt Hub

One Energy Enterprises Inc. (“One Energy”), a vertically integrated industrial power solutions company, today announced that its first Megawatt Hub, in Findlay, Ohio (“Findlay Megawatt Hub”), has begun commercial operations.

One Energy’s Megawatt Hubs provide high-volume power connections for industries that require significant loads of power for their operations, such as electric truck charging, digital currency mining, and indoor farming. A typical factory might use between five and ten MW of power. The Findlay Megawatt Hub is a 30-megawatt (MW) site that is expandable to 150 MW and includes the first fully digital, plug-and-play, transmission-voltage substation in the United States.

One Energy CEO Jereme Kent noted, “The range of applications for our Megawatt Hubs is remarkable. Some energy-intensive industries that will need access to power at this scale include electric fleet charging, cathode and anode manufacturing, hydrogen production, digital currency mining, mobile data centers, and indoor farming. Getting this scale of power at transmission voltages is complicated, and the lack of access to this power has been stifling these industries. We hope to enable acceleration of these emerging industries by taking power problems off the table.”

The Findlay Megawatt Hub will initially host a digital currency mining tenant, who is operating mining computers in enclosed mobile computing units. The Megawatt Hub will also feature a charging pad for electric semi-trucks and large electric vehicles. At its initial sizing, the Findlay Megawatt Hub could charge up to 90 electric semi-trucks at the same time, enabling the electrification of more than 500 electric semis in the region with around-the-clock charging, making One Energy’s Megawatt Hub solution attractive to even the largest of fleets and operators.

Kent concluded, “We are excited to announce the commercial operation of our first Megawatt Hub, and planning is already underway for potential future sites. We are proud to solve the big power problems of today and tomorrow for the emerging industries we hope to serve.”

The Findlay Megawatt Hub currently sits below a Wind for Industry project that is owned by One Energy.

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