Operational experiment of STERRAD™ (sterilizer) using EV power ~ASP Japan LLC~

Hamamatsu University School of Medicine Hospital and Hamamatsu Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., jointly with ASP Japan GK, will hold a joint clinic at Hamamatsu University School of Medicine Hospital in August 2023. We conducted a demonstration experiment to operate STERAD™ (a sterilizer) using electricity from an EV (electric vehicle) .

In the event of a disaster where lifelines are cut off, STERAD™ can be operated using only electricity, without using water or gas, and can immediately perform sterilization operations as long as there is a power source. In the demonstration experiment, it was confirmed that STERAD™ can operate normally using electric power from an EV, and it is expected that it will further contribute to rebuilding the medical system in the event of a disaster or power outage .

At ASP Japan LLC, customer success is the driving force behind our innovation.

About ASP Japan LLC

As a leading company in the “cleaning/disinfection” and “sterilization” fields, ASP Japan LLC continues to create an environment where we can provide safe and secure medical care through innovative products and services.

“Protecting patients in their most important moments” – all ASP employees involved in this mission never stop moving forward, always challenging the status quo to solve our customers’ problems. .

ASP has a history of innovation in low temperature sterilization and high-level disinfection. Developed the world’s first hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization system STERAD™ . STERAD™ pursues improved safety and shortened sterilization time as a low-temperature sterilizer, and since it operates only on electricity, it is a strong sterilizer that can be used in the event of an earthquake. As a market leader in the low temperature sterilizer market, we offer innovative products and services.

In the field of high-level disinfection , we have developed Disposer™, which improves safety, shortens disinfection time, and is easy to use. As a brand leader in the field of high-level disinfection, we have developed Disposer™, a flexible endoscope washer – disinfector . We are contributing to improving the quality and efficiency of flexible endoscope reprocessing.

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