POER Sahar’s Australian Debut Hybrid Off-Road Pickup Wows Media

Recently, GWM officially launched the POER Sahar in Australia, marking the introduction of the first HEV-powered off-road pickup in the country. This launch aims to elevate the GWM brand and address the gap in high-end pickup offerings in the Australian market. The POER Sahar’s exceptional performance during the launch test drive earned widespread acclaim from Australian media.

The POER Sahar is available in Australia with two main power options: a robust hybrid and a diesel engine. The top-tier 2.0-liter turbocharged hybrid gasoline engine produces a combined output of 255 kW and 648 Nm of torque. The 2.4-liter turbocharged diesel engine delivers 135 kW of power and 480 Nm of torque. Both engines are paired with GWM’s 9-speed automatic transmission, recognized as one of the world’s top ten transmissions. This powerful combination gives the POER Sahar a towing capacity of 3.5 tons, surpassing the common 3-ton capacity in the Australian market.

Before its launch, the POER Sahar underwent localization adjustments to better suit Australian road conditions, regulations, and driving habits. Pickup trucks in Australia are often used as passenger vehicles, with drivers frequently traveling to suburban campsites and coastal areas. Given local drivers’ aggressive habits and preference for a solid chassis feel, the development team enhanced the vehicle’s comfort and control over complex road conditions. They meticulously adjusted the chassis based on various local scenarios, including towing, carrying loads, and navigating highways, urban roads, suburban roads, mountain roads, unpaved gravel roads, and farms.

In terms of intelligent features, GWM’s safety specialists worked on-site in Australia to benchmark and improve the vehicle based on feedback from local media and technical staff. This effort resulted in the POER Sahar becoming a leader in intelligence among similar pickups and mainstream models. Additionally, GWM’s development team designed exclusive high-speed stability protection for common towing scenarios in Australia, utilizing ESP to monitor yaw and tire traction during towing. They also included a trailer sway mitigation function for real-time control, enhancing high-speed stability. The team optimized torque values between gears to improve power response by 0.36 seconds.

The launch of the POER Sahar received extensive praise from Australian media. The test drive route in Melbourne’s urban areas and off-road terrains, featuring multiple dips and steep slopes typical of Australian conditions, allowed media and users to experience the POER Sahar HEV’s powerful performance across various challenging road conditions, including climbing, city streets, and uneven terrain.

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