reat Wall Motors Unveils All-Star Family in Doha, Qatar

On July 2nd, Great Wall Motor (GWM) officially launched its brand in Doha, Qatar’s capital, and celebrated the grand opening of a new flagship store, unveiling its new star family models.

In front of numerous media representatives, partners, and guests, GWM and Teyseer Group representatives pressed the start button, signifying the beginning of a new journey for GWM in the Middle East. Amidst enthusiastic applause, attendees entered the GWM Doha flagship store, marking the official start of the ONE GWM brand era in Qatar. GWM brand representatives and local dealers delivered speeches, introducing six GWM star family models: the TANK 500 V6 fuel version, TANK 300 HEV, H6 HEV, ORA 03 pure electric model, GWM POER pickup, and the newly launched JOLION Pro, which made its Middle East debut in Saudi Arabia. The ORA 03’s appearance in Qatar also marked the brand’s debut in the Gulf region.

Sunny Bhat, Director of Sales and Marketing for GWM Middle East, highlighted GWM’s user-centered approach and its continuous technological advancements and product optimization. He noted the HAVAL brand’s global sales of 9 million units, establishing it as a leading global SUV expert, the GWM pickup’s 26-year reign as China’s top-selling pickup brand, and the TANK brand’s dominance with over 60% market share in China’s luxury off-road segment. ORA, known for its design aesthetics and intelligent technology, has garnered global fan admiration.

Qatar, surrounded on three sides by the sea, features long white sandy beaches, spectacular crescent-shaped dunes, and contrasting geographical landscapes of plains, hills, and mountains. Locals typically drive on wide, flat urban roads during the week and enjoy outdoor trips to the desert or seaside on weekends. As the country with the highest per capita GDP, Qatar, rich in oil and gas resources, is vigorously developing its energy industry and implementing the “2030 National Vision” plan. This vision aims to transform Qatar into a sustainable, highly competitive international country with a high standard of living by 2030 through economic diversification. GWM’s regional debut of its new energy family models in Qatar aligns with this national vision, meeting local users’ diversified, greener, and smarter mobility needs.

Prior to the launch event, renowned automotive media professionals test-drove several GWM models, including the TANK 300, TANK 500, HAVAL JOLION Pro, GWM POER, and ORA 03. They praised GWM’s models, noting the TANK 500’s luxurious feel and strong performance, suitable for local needs, and the TANK 300’s rugged off-road capabilities and excellent handling for dune bashing.

A fashion lifestyle influencer with millions of followers expressed particular fondness for the ORA 03, appreciating its retro-chic design, elegant interior, and intelligent driving configurations. The influencer was impressed by the vehicle’s solid craftsmanship and five-star safety ratings from the Australian ANCAP and European NCAP, affirming GWM’s dedication to high-quality cars.

GWM has been established in the Middle East for 27 years. To enhance local operations, GWM opened a regional office in Dubai in early 2022 and a regional parts center in early 2023, providing parts supply support to over 20 surrounding countries. This consistent approach aims to deliver meticulous and high-quality services to Middle Eastern users.

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