Ryvid Announces Launch Edition Anthem EndsAug. 31, 2023

HAWAIIAN Auditoriums, Calif.–( BUSINESS WIRE)– Ryvid, an inventor in Electric Vehicle( EV) mobility grounded in Southern California, announces their launch edition Anthem reservations and introductory pricing will end Aug. 31, 2023. StartingSept. 1, 2023, The Anthem will be available for reservations at the price of$ 8,995 with early adopters and reservation holders claiming the introductory special price of$ 7,800 if reserved before Aug 31, 2023.

Ryvid also announces its rearmost colourway in Galactica Black in addition to Atomic Gold, Rapid White, and Carbon Grey. This rearmost option will be available for current reservation holders to modernize or change their current colour reserved before they subscribe to their purchase agreement. Galactica Black will also be available at the$ 7,800 Launch Edition price if reserved before Aug 31, 2023.

The Anthem Launch Edition is a first-of-its-kind, customizable electric motorcycle that combines advanced aerospace technology with the simplicity of EV armature. The Anthem’s erosion-free,ultra-lightweight frame is concealed beneath minimum bodywork bringing its total weight to just 313 pounds( 226 pounds without battery) with a carrying capacity of 400 pounds. It’s able to pets up to 75 mph with a range of over 75 long hauls/ 50 long hauls in Sport Mode on a single charge and is immaculately suited for exchanging and civic transport. The electric motorcycle features personal technology, including a featherlight, aerospace-inspired lattice, Ergo- Easy lift height- malleable seat- allowing the seat to electrically transubstantiate from 30 ” up to 34 ”, integrated hinder drive unit, a modular head tube unit, malleable front and hinder suspense, and removable4.3 kWh battery pack for easy charging. also, a4.9- inch TFT display delivers crucial data similar to speed and state of charge to the rider with ultimate clarity in any light.

“ Riding the Anthem is a particular experience, with a position of customization that translates to a feeling that the bike was erected just for you. We’re a mobile sports company and are thrilled to deliver a product that will monstrously impact availability to electric-micro-mobility by introducing the Anthem to a request we know is ready for it. ”

Ryvid Author and CEO Dong Tran.

The Ryvid Anthem Launch Edition comes with a plant- installed4.71 final drive. Motor affair is rated at 53 ft-lbs. of necklace, which are transferred to the road via an a4.71 rate, delivering up to 250 ft-lbs. at the final drive. Dynamic energy is also reacquired using regenerative retardation technology. Renewable Power is handed through the EV’s removable and rollable 4.3 kWh Lithium- Ion Battery Pack comes with an integrated 3.3 kW Charger with 110V, empty to 80 takes2.5 hours. 100 takes3.5hours.with 220V,( or position 2 using a J Plug appendage) empty to 80 takes1.25 hours. 100 takes 2 hours. The Anthem’s completely enclosed motor and belt drive is housed in the swingarm, a single-piece, die-cast construction with integrated cooling fins for maximum effectiveness. Enclosing the motor and belt drive also provides advanced continuity and low conservation. To eclipse it off the Anthem Launch Edition comes completely accoutre with Pirelli Diablo Rosso ™ IV Tires. These tires are high-performance, have each-season capabilities, and are eco-friendly — a perfect fit for the Anthem.

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