Samsung Display Partners with MINI to Showcase Automotive OLED at Gamescom 2023

-Samsung Display’s 9.4-inch diameter round OLED is the centerpiece of the MINI booth at Gamescom 2023, held in Cologne, Germany, spotlighting the partnership between the two companies.

Samsung Display’s round OLEDs are featured on a cylindrical display tower called the MINI Incubator at the MINI booth. The MINI Incubator is a structure made up of ten 9.4-inch round OLEDs and inspired by one of the most iconic settings in science fiction culture: the high-tech lab. The uniquely structured installation placed at the center of MINI’s main booth emphasizes the importance of display technology in MINI’s next-generation mobility strategy.

In addition to the MINI Incubator, Samsung Display is also showcasing its OLED products optimized for automotive displays, featuring an eco-friendly structure that minimizes the use of plastic, true black enabling infinite contrast ratio, design flexibility and blue light-minimizing technology. In addition, an OLED Finder Experience Zone is available for gamers visiting the Gamescom event.

“We are excited to join MINI’s journey as a market trendsetter with the automotive industry’s first round OLED,” said Brad Jung, vice president and head of Mobile Display Marketing Team at Samsung Display. “We look forward to providing our customers with even more stunning display experiences with Samsung Display’s unrivaled OLED technology in the mobility sector.”

For the second year in a row, MINI is exhibiting at Gamescom as an official sponsor and mobility partner. This year, the company will operate the exhibition booth with the theme ‘MINI Lab’ to provide a differentiated mobility experience for trendsetting young gamers.


About Samsung Display

Samsung Display Co., Ltd. is an industry leader in providing cutting-edge display solutions around the world. The company diversifies its display markets to not only smartphones, TVs, laptops, and monitors but also smartwatches, VR, game consoles, and automotive applications. Furthermore, it has close partnerships with a variety of global manufacturers.

Headquartered in South Korea, with a range of large-scale facilities, Samsung Display has production plants in China, Vietnam, and India, and operates sales offices in six countries worldwide. Known for its innovation, Samsung Display is leading the display market, enabling the world’s first mass-production of OLED and QD(Quantum Dot)-OLED, endeavoring to develop next-generation technology such as slidable, rollable and stretchable panels to provide extraordinary experiences and endless possibilities for consumers.

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