Schneider earns prestigious distinction of SmartWay High Performer

Schneider National,Inc.( NYSE SNDR), a premier multimodal provider of transportation, intermodal and logistics services, has been honored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency( EPA) as a 2023 SmartWay High Performer.
The SmartWay High Performer list is developed annually by the EPA and honors carriers that exceed in producing more effective and sustainable force chain results. wharf a spot on the high pantomime list emphasizes Schneider’s commitment to operating an exceptionally effective line, emitting smaller adulterants and burning lower energy per afar traveled.

“ Reducing emigrations is a precedence, and we’re concentrated on enforcing innovative, environmentally friendly options to achieve this, ” said Schneider Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Rob Reich. “ We continue accelerating our business and the broader assiduity toward a further sustainable future, most specially with the addition of our electric vehicle line and charging depot in South El Monte, California. ”

before this time, Schneider opened a large- scale battery electric vehicle( BEV) operation with nearly 100 Freightliner eCascadias and a charging depot able of powering 32 exchanges contemporaneously.

Schneider is committed to several sustainability pretensions, including doubling its intermodal size by 2030, reducing carbon emigrations per afar by7.5 by 2025 and 60 by 2035. The carrier has formerly achieved further than half of its 2025 thing by reducing per- afar emigrations by 5.

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