Smart Eye Announces Innovative Emotion Generative AI Capability and Key Partnerships at CES 2024

Smart Eye, the global leader in Human Insight AI, today announced that it will showcase its leading existing automotive technologies along with recent ground-breaking innovations at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. From January 9-12, Smart Eye will hold meetings and showcase their demos in Booth #6741 in the West Hall.

Recent advances in generative AI are going to dramatically impact how humans engage with vehicle human machine interfaces (HMI) and each other. Smart Eye’s newest demo will offer a unique demonstration of how generative AI can elevate road safety and the user experience in next generation vehicles. Through Smart Eye’s Emotion AI Prompt Engine, the demo merges advanced automotive sensing with the capabilities of large language models to make an in-car assistant recognize emotions and allow for dynamic human-vehicle interactions.

At CES 2024, Smart Eye will also showcase the latest advancements in its road-ready automotive solutions, such as a vehicle buck featuring its award-winning Interior Sensing AI and Driver Monitoring System (DMS) software. The booth will also feature a demo of Smart Eye’s AIS driver support system for small-volume vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket installation for fleets. Additionally, visitors will be offered a look at Smart Eye’s novel Synthetic Data Generation Tool—using virtual avatars in varied vehicle environments to aid the development and validation of AI systems. There will also be a Multimodality Station, demoing iMotions’ platform with Smart Eye Pro. It fuses data from multiple sensors, enabling automotive researchers and OEMs to gain deep insight into the user experience and UX design of a vehicle. These insights can then drive OTA updates or be used for development of next generation platforms.

In addition to the demos in the Smart Eye booth, Smart Eye technology is also featured in eight demos of key automotive technology partners at CES, including Aptiv, Cerence, Forvia, Green Hills Software, Onsemi and Texas Instruments.

“Leveraging recent innovations within generative AI, Smart Eye’s Emotion AI Prompt Engine is designed to elevate road safety and driver experiences in next generation vehicles,” said Martin Krantz, Founder and CEO of Smart Eye. “We are especially excited to collaborate with our automotive ecosystem partners to showcase how we are innovating the latest and greatest technology in cars on the road.”

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