Tata Motors provides hands-on automotive chops to secondary and elderly secondary scholars in cooperation with Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas( JNVs

Tata Motors, India’s leading machine company, has joined hands with Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya to give knowledge, hands-on automotive chops and artificial exposure to the scholars of secondary and elderly secondary scholars of JNV as a part of the vocational courses envisaged in the ‘ National Education Policy 2020 ’. Launched in 2022, the programme is on offer at 25 JNVs across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. So far, 2500 scholars have been imparted training under the programme and the training is anticipated to cover 5000 scholars this time.

Under this unique action, Tata Motors is exercising its expansive moxie in the machine sphere to give Automotive Courses( 404 & 804) for vocational skilling to the scholars of JNVs. The course is offered to scholars in 9th to 12th grade and the class and lab setup has been designed as per the CBSE guidelines and with inputs from the Tata Motors platoon. The program aims to equip scholars with hands-on automotive chops and assiduity exposure right within the academy demesne.

Tata Motors has created the needed ‘ Automotive Skill Lab ’ structure at 25 JNVs seminaries and also conducted a training programme for the preceptors tutoring these vocational subjects. The training was conducted at the Tata Motors factory in Jamshedpur. After finishing their training with vocational automotive chops, scholars can conclude for Diploma in Mechatronics that will be completely funded by Tata Motors. The scholars get exposure to on-the-job training in the TML manufacturing installation while earning a paycheck from the company. Post this, the scholars can either seek openings within the automotive assiduity or pursue B. Tech in engineering and follow the career progression later.

Vinod Kulkarni, CSR Head at Tata Motors said, “ We’re committed to perfecting the lives of the youth of the country and upskilling is one of the means to achieve this thing. We’re pleased to work with Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas to make scholars from underserved communities exploitable therefore fuelling their career intentions as well. The progression of the course into professional education helps scholars to image their future in this field. Further, this design reiterates our commitment to nurturing gifts, empowering youth, and bridging the chops gap in the automotive assiduity under the ‘ Skill India Mission ’. We’re happy to enable the civilization of an engaged and professed pool and create a future-ready pool in cooperation with JNVs. ”

Vinayak Garg, Commissioner, Navodaya Vidyalaya Sangathan said, “ We’re pleased to mate with Tata Motors in this first of its kind of action wherein we’re furnishing our scholars access to holistic education that includes both academic as well as vocational aqueducts as per the NEP 2020. This cooperation will enable the scholars to get the necessary knowledge and chops to succeed in a particular career or trade and align themselves with the current trends in automotive assiduity. ”

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