The Second ‘Great 4X4 Expedition by Toyota’, in the West Region Concludes, Offering an Inspiring Experience for the 4X4 Community

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) successfully concluded the ‘Great 4X4 Expedition’ in west region, a remarkable event that seamlessly brought together the excitement of off-roading adventure and a strong sense of environmental conservation. The 4X4 experiential drive which was held during September 8th – 10th, in Lonavala, captivated the 4X4 enthusiasts by fostering a sense of 4X4 adventure. The flagship event began in May 2023, with a zonal expedition conducted in South India and the journey now progressed through the Western regional drive. With this, Toyota’s primary focus is to connect with the 4×4 fraternity and create awesome experiences with the unique capabilities of varied SUVs from its product line-up.

The expedition commenced in Lonavala, leading the participants on a scenic route to the enchanting Rajmachi waterfalls. The convoy of exceptional 4×4 SUVs, including the renowned Hilux, the legendary LC300, the popular Fortuner and the Hyryder AWD (All Wheel Drive) embarked on a thrilling adventure. Toyota’s 4X4 SUVs, renowned for their exceptional off-road capabilities and cutting-edge technology took the spotlight, exemplifying the unmatched performance and bringing more excitement to the overall drive experience with its unique product strengths and features. Participants in the expedition came together with a plethora of both Toyota and other brand of SUVs.

In the world of motorsports, Toyota boasts an illustrious legacy of pushing the boundaries of innovation and performance. Over the years, Toyota has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to motorsports by participating in prestigious events such as the Dakar Rally and the World Rally Championship (WRC). Toyota’s success on these demanding stages stands as a testament to the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence in automotive engineering and performance. This spirit of competition and innovation serves as the driving force behind Toyota’s creation of exceptional 4X4 SUVs such as the Hilux, LC300, Fortuner, and Hyryder AWD. Toyota firmly believes that its motorsports heritage inspires the brand to deliver vehicles that excel both in off-road adventures and everyday driving, thereby provide ‘Mobility for All’ and ‘Leave No One Behind’. This fusion of motorsports excellence and off-road capability continues to define Toyota’s unwavering commitment to auto enthusiasts.

The expedition was filled with unlimited excitement and adventure. Participants were treated to a specially curated drive to the picturesque Rajamachi, where they could fully immerse themselves in the breath-taking monsoon views of the landscape, with lush greenery and waterfalls. The action-packed day also included drive on a specially curated 4X4 experiential track. Safety was a top priority throughout this adventure. The 4X4 experience was conducted under the expert supervision of 4X4 specialists, ensuring that participants could enjoy the thrills while being secure. The uniquely designed 4WD tracks included a range of obstacles, from articulation and side-inclines to steep hill ascents and descents, deep ditches, and rocky beds. These obstacles added an extra layer of thrill and excitement to the overall experiential drive, making it a day filled with unforgettable moments and adventure.

In addition to the exhilarating drive and off-roading experiences, the participants also took part in meaningful social activities where they engaged with local school children to raise awareness about road safety, emphasizing the importance of following road traffic and safety rules. Alongside, Toyota also distributed school bags to children at Madhyamik Vidyalaya Government School (located in Waghoshi, Sudhagad-Raigad District).

Furthermore, TKM through a collaboration with NGO Sankalp Taru, provided an opportunity to participants to virtually plant a sapling, towards reducing carbon footprints. In accordance, saplings were planted on behalf of each participant and further ensure upkeeping of the trees, thereby fostering positive contributions to the community and the environment.

On the successful completion of the west zonal ‘Great 4X4 Expedition’, Mr. Atul Sood, Vice President of Sales and Strategic Marketing, Toyota Kirloskar Motor said, “At Toyota Kirloskar Motor, we are thrilled to conclude the remarkable journey of our West regional ‘Great 4X4 Expedition’ event, which not only showcased our SUV prowess but also exemplified our focus in creating a strong and vibrant 4×4 community.

Through this initiative, we have united 4X4 enthusiasts, from Toyota customers and other brand SUV owners, leveraging the power of adventure to forge connections. As we celebrate the conclusion of this edition, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming East and North editions of the ‘Great 4×4 Expedition,’ that will bolster our efforts in solidifying our commitment to adventure and creating memories for life.”

Commenting on Toyota’s engagement with 4X4 Community, Mr. Vikram Gulati, Country Head and Executive Vice President of Toyota Kirloskar Motor said, “With a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and community development, TKM continues to undertake significant initiatives to make a lasting impact beyond the thrill of off-roading. We believe that as a responsible company, it is our duty to not only offer exciting off-road experiences, but also to contribute positively to the environment and society.

Through this event, we witnessed all the 4X4 enthusiasts actively involving and engaging in various Toyota-driven initiatives creating awareness amongst school children to inculcate a sense of road safety, to adopt & follow road disciplines, etc. Further, in our journey towards sustainability and carbon neutrality, we also undertook eco-efforts with virtual tree plantation, wherein NGO – Sankalp Taru planted saplings on behalf of each participant, thereby contributing positively to nature and our planet.”

Needless to mention, the expedition brought much joy, offering challenging adventures and exciting the 4X4 fans throughout their expedition, leaving them wanting for more.

With the successful completion of two zonal events in South and West zones, Toyota Kirloskar Motor is looking forward to creating a whole new driving experience for the motoring enthusiasts in the future. Towards this, stay tuned for upcoming announcements about North and East zonal 4×4 engagements.

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