Toyota Kirloskar Motor and Government Tool Room & Training Centre Collaborate to Enhance Safety Culture and Skill Development in Karnataka

 Toyota Kirloskar Motor(TKM) was identified by Government Tool Room & Training Centre (GTTC) as an Industrial Training Provider (ITP) for developing skilled human resources for the manufacturing units and first-time entrepreneurs, as a result a MOU was signed in January 2021 to impart Industry specific skill development training in GTTC locations.

Starting with four GTTC institutes in 2021-22, TKM has developed eleven GTTC institutes till date, and in FY 23-24, TKM has planned to develop five more institutes to foster auto industry culture and skill development. In the future the company plans to cover all 30 GTTC institutes in Karnataka in a phased manner.

As a part of the training program, TKM will provide an opportunity for the trainees who has enrolled in the three-year training in automobile welding and automobile assembly trades to acquire skills relevant to the manufacturing industry and improve their employment potential through a ‘Learn and Earn’ approach consisting of a mix of theoretical and On-the-Job Development. The students will be trained by Toyota professionals with extensive hands-on experience in the Toyota Production System. The participants on successful completion of the training, will have to take up an exam for certification, which will be conducted by the Automotive Skill Development Council, Delhi with the support of 3rd party assessor. Further, TKM has deployed their trainers in these institutes to develop trainers from the institute to conduct training.

Safety has always been a paramount priority for TKM, and the company has implemented a “safety first” approach in all its processes. As part of the company’s commitment to cultivate a safe mindset among students before they join the industry, safe work training is being provided to GTTC students. To promote safe practices, TKM has extended safety training, wherein trainers were deployed to promote a safe culture with special focus on visualizing the safety aspect in the areas of Industry, Road, and Fire.

Mr. H. Raghvendra, Managing Director, GTTC, said “TKM is taking a proactive initiative towards the development of industry-specific skills, knowledge, and culture in institutes. Through these collaborative efforts, we aim to bridge the gap between academia and the industry, providing crucial support to various industries by producing a highly employable skilled and disciplined workforce. The knowledge imbibed during training, help the students understand their pivotal role in promoting safety and environmental consciousness in their workplace and which will further motivate them to excel in their future professional endeavours.”

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. K. Srinivas, Director of Factories, Boilers, Industrial Safety & Health, Government of Karnataka, expressed, “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to TKM for their invaluable support in furthering the objectives of the Skill India Mission and promoting a culture of safety among students to work with a safe mindset in the industry. We are fully committed to providing all necessary assistance to enhance the GTTCs to achieve a greater level of excellence. With collective effort and collaboration, we are resolutely working hand in hand to develop the students and meet the industry requirements and inculcate safe industry culture.”

Mr. G. Shankara, Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resource Officer, TKM & TKAP, stated, “At the core of delivering exceptional quality products and services, lies our unwavering commitment to nurturing world-class individuals. Toyota’s unique philosophy revolves around cultivating quality people, who in turn will drive the establishment of robust processes, leading to the creation of ever-better products and services that delight our customers. The collaboration with GTTC and activities initiated mark a significant step in shaping a skilled and safety-conscious workforce that will drive the growth of the Indian Auto industry “

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