Toyota Kirloskar Motor Celebrates ‘Environment Month’ with Responsible Resource Consumption Theme

On World Environment Day, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) launched its ‘Toyota Environment Month’ for June 2024. This initiative aims to enhance eco-consciousness and advocate for a sustainable future, aligning with the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 (TEC 2050) and this year’s theme, “Unite for Responsible Resource Consumption towards becoming Global No.1.” The focus areas include water management and ecosystem revival through afforestation, resonating with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) theme for World Environment Day 2024: Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience, captured by the slogan “Our Land, Our Future. We are #GenerationRestoration.”

TKM has embraced sustainable business practices, transitioning from a car manufacturer to a mobility company. The ‘Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050’ (TEC 2050), announced in October 2015, consists of six environmental challenges. The first three aim for carbon neutrality across products and the entire value chain, including manufacturing activities. The latter three focus on minimizing and optimizing water usage, fostering a recycling-based society, and establishing a future society in harmony with nature.

TKM’s holistic approach to resource management includes numerous sustainable initiatives. Notable achievements include a significant rise in groundwater levels from 90 feet in 2009 to 16.1 feet post-monsoon FY 2022-23, rainwater harvesting ponds with a capacity of 51,000 m³ for various applications, and meeting 95% of production water requirements through recycled and rainwater harvesting. Additionally, TKM has enhanced waste recyclability to 96%.

In nature conservation, TKM has planted over 328,000 trees across 112 acres within its factory premises using the Miyawaki method, aimed at restoring natural forests with native species to promote biodiversity and ecological balance. The state-of-the-art ‘Ecozone’ at TKM’s plant facility, an experiential learning center with 17 theme parks, educates visitors on climate change, waste management, and water resource management. Over 42,000 students have been sensitized to living in harmony with nature through this initiative.

Throughout June, TKM will create awareness among stakeholders about water conservation and the environment through eco-webinars conducted by environmental experts. Local community engagement will include eco-activities like school plantation drives, lake and pond rejuvenation projects, and habitat clean-up efforts. Other planned activities include “Toyota Swachh Abhiyan,” “RaaR” (Recycling as a Responsibility), Toyota Eco Club, and Eco Family Walks, promoting sustainable lifestyles among employees, their families, business associates, Toyota group companies, school children, and community members in the Bidadi and Ramnagara regions.

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