Toyota Kirloskar Motor Inaugurates Community-Based Water Purification Unit in Keerala, Mandya District

Continuing its unvarying fidelity to perfecting the health and quality of life among original communities, Toyota Kirloskar Motor( TKM) moment inaugurated a community-grounded water sanctification unit in Keerala, Mandya quarter of Karnataka. The event was graced by Mr P Ravikumar, a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Mandya and Mr Roshan R, Deputy General Manager, TKM and other elderly officers. Considering the critical need for a drinking water unit, this installation is a lifeline for the community, thereby icing their access to safe and clean drinking water.

The lately established unit has a capacity to purify 1000 litres of water per hour. It incorporates a comprehensive 6- stage sanctification process and a real-time water monitoring system that provides precious data on Total Dissolved Solids( TDS) and PH value. also, the unit is equipped with solar power systems, provisory power results, and an effective wastewater operation medium, icing optimal water allocation while minimizing energy consumption.

To ensure the smooth operation and sustainability of the unit, TKM has entered into a 15-time conservation agreement with a devoted agency. This agreement guarantees the vacuity of clean drinking water to the heirs and upholds the long-term viability of the action. TKM’s collaboration with original Grama Panchayats and the community has also played a vital part in the successful perpetration of similar enterprises, fostering a sense of power and collaborative responsibility among all stakeholders involved.

Cumulatively, TKM has installed 46 water units to date, serving over 3.1 lakh individualities, abiding in 285 townlets across India. This significant corner exemplifies TKM’s unvarying fidelity to prioritizing the well-being of community members, eventually contributing to their holistic socio-profitable development.

P Ravikumar, Hon’ble Member of Legislative Assembly, Mandya, said “Icing access to clean water is consummate for promoting good health and is an abecedarian necessity for mortal survival. Our utmost ideal is to ensure the provision of safe drinking water to all individuals, particularly those abiding in remote areas. We’re pleased to substantiate the nonstop sweats of corporates like TKM, who have constantly worked towards enhancing public health, championing sanitation, and easing access to clean and safe drinking water. We’re happy that the recently established water sanctification unit will significantly enhance the overall health issues of the original community, thereby contributing to the creation of a healthier society. ”

Speaking on the action, Mr Vikram Gulati, Country Head and Executive Vice President, of Toyota Kirloskar Motor said, “ Promoting public health and perfecting access to clean drinking water has always been at the van of our charge to promote a healthy community. By expanding the deployment of community-grounded water sanctification units, we’re taking significant strides in offering scalable results that address the immediate requirements of the community. Our commitment remains unvarying as we strive to apply poignant enterprise that truly makes a difference and positive impact in the lives of individuals and communities. ”

Since 2001, CSR has remained an integral part of TKM’s gospel. With a strong emphasis on scalability and sustainability, TKM and its workers freely take over colourful enterprises. These conditioning are centred around five crucial thematic areas Education, Environment, Health & Hygiene, Road Safety, and Skill Development. TKM’s CSR enterprise is precisely aligned with the requirements of the communities and public precedences, icing a meaningful and poignant donation to society.

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