Ultramodern SUV, Accelerating Globalization, Geely Starray Launched in Multiple Countries

Geely Starray has successfully hit the markets in Panama, Qatar, and Kazakhstan, bringing ultramodern experiences to the local market with exquisite aesthetics and outstanding technological performance. Since its launch in Saudi Arabia in October 2023, Starray has garnered widespread praise from users worldwide for its ultramodern aesthetics, extraordinary driving experience, and digital technology. As of the end of February 2024, Geely Starray has globally sold over 190,000 units.

Immersive Performance: Technological Aesthetics Lands in Kazakhstan

On December 15th, the Geely Starray, locally known as Atlas, made its debut at the Astana Congress Center in the capital of Kazakhstan. The event venue was imbued with a highly technological atmosphere, attracting over a thousand guests through an immersive space opera show. The event showcased Starray’s ultramodern concept: Starray challenges the status quo, bravely seeking out boundless future prospects, thus re-imagining and redefining the very essence of modern travel.

Atlas Kazakhstan Launch

That evening, important leaders including виктор нестеров, General Manager of Geely Kazakhstan and Kay Yang, Geely Auto International’s National Director in Kazakhstan, attended the event. Kay Yang remarked, “The introduction of Starray sets a new benchmark for the segment. With its unmistakably futuristic appeal, enhanced comfort, and a thrillingly responsive drive, Starray is poised to exceed the aspirations of discerning consumers, cementing its place as the very epitome of their dream vehicle.”

Leading media and KOLs from Kazakhstan were among the first to experience the product at the launch event, giving it full affirmation and anticipation. Tengrinews, the largest news portal in the country, highly praised it as “a better choice compared to other competitors.” Renowned automotive reviewer KOL Муканов Руслан expressed sincere admiration for the smooth and seamless technological features of the interior and interaction design.

A Strong Start with a Landmark Launch in Panama, Latin America

On January 24th, the Geely Starray made a stunning debut at the Town Center Square, a major commercial hub in Panama City. The launch event attracted local social elites, mainstream media KOLs, and key partners.

Starray Panama Launch

Anthony Salerno, CEO of Geely’s Panama distributor, Bahia Motors, expressed high hopes for the Starray, stating, “With its accessible quality, outstanding performance, and intelligent technology all in one, we look forward to bringing a whole new experience to the local market.”.

In 2023, Geely achieved remarkable sales in Panama, becoming the top one in Chinese brands and top 5 in total, in terms of annual sales. The debut of Starray in Panama in 2024 marks its first appearance in Latin America and kickstarts the year with a significant launch. This market entry will further solidify Geely’s position in the local market and across the Latin American region.

Starray Ignited Nationwide Discussions in Qatar

Responding to the ultra-modern spirit, on January 24th, local time, Geely Starray held its market launch event in Qatar under the theme of ” Live Tomorrow “.

Maher Tinawi, General Manager of Geely Qatar, stated, “We are delighted to introduce an SUV equipped with Geely’s advanced technology, not only for innovation but also to cater to the discerning tastes of the local market, which values tradition and progress. Starray perfectly aligns with Qatar’s forward-thinking spirit, giving us great confidence in the product’s debut.”

Starray Qatar Launch

This highly anticipated launch event not only attracted the participation of diverse cross-industry KOLs and mainstream local media but also sparked nationwide discussions on social media. The event reached a cumulative audience of 4.5 million users, with a 500% increase in related Instagram hashtag activity, demonstrating the tremendous appeal and attraction of the Starray launch event.

The successful launch of Starray in multiple countries further confirms Geely Auto International’s accelerating journey towards globalization. In the future, Geely Auto will continue to pursue sustainable development, providing global users with experiences that exceed expectations as it aims to become an inclusive elevated mobility ecosystem provider.

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