Wallbox Introduces Their Most Efficient DC Fast Charger with the Highest Power-to-Footprint Ratio

Wallbox Chargers, a global leader in electric vehicle charging and energy management solutions, has unveiled its latest innovation in the form of the Supernova 220 DC fast charger. This advanced addition to their product lineup is capable of charging at speeds of up to 220 kW, allowing it to fully charge a typical passenger EV with a range of 100 miles in just eight minutes. With over 2,000 units already sold across more than 30 countries, Wallbox continues to solidify its reputation for reliable and efficient charging solutions.

The introduction of the Supernova 220 expands the options available to charge point operators within the Supernova family. This ensures that operators can tailor their EV charging networks to meet diverse power demands without compromising on reliability or user experience. The compact design of the Supernova 220, recognized for its efficiency, enables operators to maximize space and installation cost-effectiveness while delivering high-performance charging.

Till Wilmschen, Director of DC Fast Charging at Wallbox, emphasized the company’s commitment to making EV charging accessible and straightforward for all drivers. The Supernova 220 is specifically designed to meet the growing demand for high-power charging solutions at sites catering to passenger vehicles, as well as heavier-duty applications such as fleets, electric trucks, buses, and heavy goods vehicles.

Key features of the Supernova 220 include its ability to charge one EV at up to 220 kW or two EVs simultaneously at up to 110 kW each, making it versatile for different charging scenarios. It also complies with DC metering regulations, featuring prominently displayed metering windows and options that ensure compliance without additional accessories. The charger’s sleek and customizable design makes it suitable for installation in highly visible locations such as car parks, shopping centers, and dealerships.

In summary, the Supernova 220 represents Wallbox’s latest step in advancing EV charging technology, offering powerful and efficient solutions that meet the evolving needs of both charge point operators and electric vehicle users worldwide.

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