WeaveGrid and Wallbox Partner to Give Customers Access to Wind-Powered EV Charging at Xcel Energy

A software company that enables rapid electric vehicle (EV) adoption on the electric grid, and Wallbox (NYSE: WBX), a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions, today announced a partnership that will expand access to utility-managed charging programs for North American Wallbox owners, beginning with Xcel Energy’s Charging Perks Program in Colorado, where Xcel Energy currently serves around 1.3M residential customers.

Thanks to the collaboration with WeaveGrid, Wallbox charger owners in Colorado can now register to enroll in the Xcel Energy Charging Perks pilot program. The program optimizes residential EV charging to align with times of high renewable energy availability, which predominantly consists of wind power in Colorado. Wallbox charger owners can also take advantage of the program’s other benefits, which include:

  • A $100 sign-up incentive and an annual participation incentive at the end of every year
  • Ongoing managed charging that allows drivers to save money by charging at low-cost times
  • The ability to support continued EV growth by charging at the best times for the electric grid while utilizing renewable wind power

Through the partnership, WeaveGrid and Wallbox plan to expand these capabilities to Wallbox charger owners around the country. Power consumption is projected to triple by 2050 and the mix of renewables is likely to double in the next 15 years. As electricity demands increase and we push to integrate renewable sources that cannot be turned on and off like traditional energy sources, integrations like the one between Wallbox and WeaveGrid become increasingly crucial. WeaveGrid’s software optimizes electric vehicle charging to align with periods of high renewable energy availability or to ensure ongoing electric grid reliability while keeping preferences and controls at a driver’s fingertips.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with Wallbox in Xcel Energy’s Charging Perks program,” said WeaveGrid Director of Automotive and Charging Partnerships, Yakov Berenshteyn. “Wallbox’s smart home chargers allow load-balancing, making them an ideal partner to expand access to utility-managed charging programs. Our goal is to remove barriers to EV adoption, and this partnership helps make EV charging more affordable, reliable, and clean for Wallbox owners.”

“We are committed to making smart EV charging as easy and accessible as possible for our customers,” said Brett Graessle, VP of Global Partnerships and Business Development at Wallbox. “Our partnership with WeaveGrid is already making it easier for Colorado-based Pulsar Plus owners to save money on EV charging while helping support the grid through managed EV charging. We are excited about the ongoing benefits this partnership will give our customers. “

To enroll in the Xcel Energy Charging Perks program, Wallbox owners can simply register and enroll their Wallbox chargers through the Charging Perks website.

Once enrolled, Wallbox owners will automatically receive the benefits of the Charging Perks program, including monetary incentives and ongoing charging at low-cost times. EV drivers simply plug in their vehicle and WeaveGrid’s software will optimize when charging occurs to align with times of low grid stress and high renewable energy availability, helping to reduce the impact on the electric grid and the environment, while saving money.

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