WiseSight and Duncan Solutions Team Up for AI-Powered Parking Enforcement Integration

WISESIGHT Technologies, a prominent figure in Imaging and Object-based tracking technologies within the parking industry worldwide, has revealed a strategic partnership with Duncan Solutions, a Navient company renowned for its parking management solutions. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in the realm of parking enforcement, particularly in the domain of remote automated enforcement for on-street and surface-lot parking. The integration between these two technological powerhouses empowers municipalities and private parking operators to streamline their enforcement processes, covering various parking configurations such as parallel, angled, and perpendicular parking. Moreover, the integrated solution facilitates the seamless issuance of tickets via mail, further enhancing operational efficiency.

One of the pivotal outcomes of this partnership is the ability for Parking Enforcement Officers (PEOs) to conduct enforcement duties from centralized locations within parking agency offices. This shift from manual to remote enforcement not only boosts efficiency but also holds the potential to increase revenue streams significantly. Importantly, this transition also enhances public safety for both PEOs and motorists by eliminating the need for manual enforcement altogether, thus minimizing potential risks associated with on-site enforcement activities.

Dave Onorato, the Executive Director of Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh (PPAP), highlights the strategic decision of PPAP to adopt WiseSight’s integrated solution for select downtown and South-side lots in Pittsburgh as part of a trial initiative. The solution caters to PPAP’s specific requirements, including automatic vehicle identification, precise location tracking within parking spaces, and integrated designations for each space such as zone categorizations, time limits, and accommodations for disabled, permit, and EV charging.

Jason Sutton, Senior Vice President of Parking and Mobility Solutions at Duncan Solutions, acknowledges Pittsburgh’s pioneering role in parking programs and expresses excitement about elevating their enforcement management efforts with this innovative solution. He emphasizes the comprehensive insights that customers will gain into their parking space utilization patterns, coupled with the automation of enforcement activities to boost efficiency.

Levi Rinkoff, Executive VP and Head of WiseSight North America, underscores the collective impact of this integration in meeting the growing demand for enforcement automation. The collaboration between WiseSight and Duncan Solutions promises substantial cost savings, revenue enhancement, safety improvements, and operational simplification for parking operators. By maximizing the efficiency of parking management agency operations and capturing the utilization of all parking assets, this integration sets a new standard in parking enforcement technology.

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